Managing member profiles

You can check and manage your registered customers on the storefront by navigating to Customers > Member Profile > User Profile.. You can create new users, add users into user groups, move users between groups, bulk import and edit existing user data here.

You will see three tabs at top right corner of the page, named: 

  • User List
  • Attribute Profile
  • User Groups 

Creating User Group in Member Profile

Navigating to Customers > Member Profile > User Profile. To create a user group click on the User Groups tab and then click on Create New User Group. An Add/Edit User Group page will appear. 

Follow the following steps in order to create a user group: 

  • Enter the name of the new user group in the Group Name text box. 
  • Enter the description of the user for internal reference in the Group Description box. 
  • To deactivate an existing user group Deactivate checkbox & unselect it to keep it active. 
  • Click on Save

The new user group will be saved and you will be displayed a relevant success message. You can follow these similar steps while editing an existing User Group. 

Creating User Group in Customer Segmentation 

Customer Segmentation is an easy way of segregating your customers based on some predefined conditions and adding them directly to a specific user group. 

Navigate to Customers > Customer Segmentation. You will find an existing list of segmentation rules here. You can edit or delete any of these. You will also find an option named Job History, under which you can Run any created rule and check the initiated date & time and the finished date & time.

Click on Create Segmentation Rules. You will find three sections here, named: 

  1. Rule Information - It consists of 
  • Rule Title - Give a title to the rule. 
  • Description -  Give a brief description of the rule. 
  • Is Active - Select the active status of the rule as yes or no. 
  • User List Updation Type - Select Overwrite existing list if you want to replace it with another rule or select Add to existing list if you want to add a new rule to the existing list.

Then, click on Save and Next to move further to Conditions.


2. Conditions - It consists of three kinds of conditions named 

  • Registered Parameters - For registered users. 
  • Login Parameters - For users that have logged in. 
  • Purchase Parameters - For users who are purchasing.
    Select the one that is appropriate for your rule and click on Save and Next to move further to Actions. 

3. Actions - Choose one of the two Action Conditions named 

  • Add customer to User Group 
  • Add customer to Mailing List 

Select any one of these as required and click on Save. Your rule is created.