Comparing & applying best promotion for user

Best Promotion Calculator calculates the best promotions applicable on the cart from all the promotions.

On configuring the Best promotion flag (from backend) - the Allow further promotion flag stops working.

Brands can instead create two types of promotion groups: 

  • Exclusive Promotions - Promotions that cannot be applied with any other promotion. If it is selected, then the user will not be able to add on any other promotions. 
  • Inclusive Promotions - Promotions that can be applied with other promotions in the cart. Multiple inclusive promotions can be applied in one go. 

Sequence number defines the order in which the inclusive promotions should get applied.

Best Promotion Strategy 

This strategy is based on the Promotion Group section of the Rule Information. 

  • It applies for all the exclusive promotions and gets the promotion with the maximum discount. 
  • It applies for all the inclusive promotions, with predefined order, and gets the total discount. 
  • It compares discounts from both the scenarios and applies the promotion(s) with maximum discount. 

Limitations and Assumptions

There are a few limitations and assumptions in the same: 

  1. As of now, the system doesn’t pass the discounted Subtotal amounts while applying subsequent promotions in case of Inclusive promotions. That means, currently all the promotions consider the initial cart subtotal, and all the evaluation is based on initial cart subtotal only. 
  2. BOGO promotions with custom product addition are not evaluated in this strategy.

Sample scenarios & calculations

  1. Cart contains three items worth 1600, the bundle item price of them is 100.

P1 - Inclusive Promotion, Bundle OfferPrice of Rs 100

P2- Inclusive Promotion, 10 % off for shopping above Rs 1000

P3 - Exclusive Promotion, 200 off on shopping above Rs 1000

Discount from P1 and P2 = 1500+10 = 1510

Discount from P3 = 200

Hence, P1 and P2 will be applied.

  1. Cart Subtotal Amount - 1600

P1 - Inclusive Promotion, 10% off for shopping above Rs 1000

P2 - Inclusive Promotion, Flat Rs 200 on shopping above Rs 1500

P3 - Exclusive Promotion, 5% off for shopping above Rs 500

Discount from P1 and P2 = 160+200 = 360

Discount from P3 = 80

Hence P1 and P2 will be applied