A cart is abandoned when a customer logs out after adding products to the cart. Usually, an abandoned cart mail is sent to the user from the template accordingly. According to statistics, about 60% of the entire online shoppers abandon their shopping cart instead of making a purchase due to so many reasons. 

Most Possible Reasons For Abandonment

  • High shipping cost 
  • A very lengthy and complex Checkout Process
  • Lack of popular Payment Gateways
  • Product Cost too high
  • Wrong product
  • Insecure Payment processors
  • Delivery time is more
  • Tried while comparing the costs with another site
  • Technical Failures
  • Power failure
  • Not having time to complete the checkout
  • Forgetting the checkout process due to some urgent work
  • Any miscellaneous reason

Most of the brands see the abandoned cart as a substantial amount of money being lost and they are looking at any possible method of capturing these sales. You can generate and view this list for a specific date range and also filter this list based on user information. This list also gives you the customer details with relevant cart details and provides an opportunity to your sales team to contact the user and close the sales.

You can use the Abandoned Cart tab to track the visitors who had visited your Web store but left before completing the checkout process.

How to Reach Abandoned Cart In ACP:

  • Login to ACP
  • Navigate to Customers 
  • Click on Abandoned Cart

The Search Criteria of Abandoned Cart will appear. You can list out the 'Abandoned Carts' through a specific 'date range' or combination of 'date range' and 'selected users'.

View Abandoned cart users

To list out the 'Abandoned Carts' through a specific 'date range', select the date range from the From Date and To Date 'date pickers' and click Search.

You can also filter the list based on different user attributes by clicking on Get users.  To filter users, select the required search criteria and click Search User. The relevant user(s) will be listed under the Available Registered Users section (if any). Select the required users and click Add Selected.

Once selected,  click Search and the relevant 'Abandoned Carts' (if any) will be listed under the List of Abandoned Carts section.

View Abandoned cart Details

You can export the 'Abandoned Cart' by clicking the Export to Excel button. You will be displayed a Download Excel dialog box. If the number of records is very high, you can download the data in parts.  

You can view the details of individual abandoned carts by clicking the View Details icon. By clicking on the button, you can view the Abandoned cart details. 

On that screen, you can click the View Member Profile button to get Member Details, where you can view the 'User Details', 'Edit User Details', 'Activate User', 'Delete User', 'Change Email', view 'Wish List Items', View 'Order History', view 'Reward Points Details'.

Cart Abandonment Rules

You can also set or edit cart abandonment rules. Rules such as if the cart is abandoned after payment mode is selected, after payment mode is selected, abandoned before address, and so on. 

To go to Cart Abandonment Rules, after logging in to ACP, navigate to Marketing and scroll down to Cart Abandonment Settings. A list of existing rules will appear. You can either click on the edit option to edit, or you can click on delete to delete any of those. To create a new rule, click on Add New Rule. 

The following are the sections given in this page: 

  • Event - Set event of the rule is given in this section. 
  • Time - Set the time period after which the cart is still left abandoned, and when you would like to send an email to the user. 
  • Attempt - Select the number of attempts from this section. 
  • Action - If you want to send an email to the users, select Send Email here. 
  • Created at - The date of creation will be shown here. 
  • Updated at - The date of editing the rule is shown here. 
  • Updated by - The email id of whoever has created or edited the rule will be shown here.