Applying single promotion multiple times on a cart

Is Repetitive? 

By setting up the Is Repetitive flag in Rules information you can configure how many times this promotion should get applied on the same cart.

For Example: 

If the Is Repetitive flag is on for a BOGO promotion on pizzas, and someone orders 4 pizzas, the customer will get two pizzas as free. If this flag is set as No; the promotion would get applied just once & the customer will have to pay for three pizzas.

Applying multiple promotions on the same cart

ACP enables you to create multiple promotions & apply them on the same cart simultaneously. In case of multiple promotions, to limit the discounting, subsequent promotions consider the discounted values of the previous promotions.

Here, the sequence number defines the order in which the promotions will get applied.

Use case: 

If there is a 20% off on trousers and flat 200 off on buying two shirts, then these promotions will be applied in a sequential order, giving both of these discounts on their cart (if the customer has added trousers and shirts in their cart). 

Given below are a few consequences of this functionality: 

If there are two or more Cart promotions on a product, the promotion having lesser sequence number will be applied first and the subsequent promotions will consider the discounted values at the time of promotion validation and application.

If the sequence number is the same for multiple active promotions, then the two promotions with the same sequence number will be applied on the same discounted values (derived from the promotions applied before this sequence number).

How to update Sequence of Cart Promotion? 

Following are the steps to follow in order to update the sequence number: 

  • Click on the edit icon of an existing promotion. 
  • Navigate to sequence number and update the number as required. 
  • Click on save and a dialogue box will appear. Click on ok and the number has been updated accordingly.

Allow Further Promotions

If you want to let the system apply promotions after application of the promotion being created; select Yes from the dropdown. Else, select No.