Running promotions on an e-commerce site is a proven marketing strategy and it helps brands lure customers into shopping with them. Anywhere Commerce enables you to put together the vital promotional strategies to increase recognition, customer retention, generate revenue, and form brand allegiance.  

ACP platform supports varied types of promotions and helps you create and manage them from the Manage Promotions tab from the control panel. It allows you to keep track of all the past promotions and upcoming ones. You can manage promotions by adding, deleting, or even editing them from the Manage Promotion tab. It is a centralized system for planning, executing, and analyzing your marketing campaigns. 

There are two different kinds of promotions: 

1. Cart Promotion

Cart Promotions are the promotions that get applied on the cart page based on certain conditions. Cart Promotions can be created by choosing one or more ‘Conditions’ based on the Product or Cart parameters (i.e. What should be in Cart?); one or more ‘Actions’ (i.e. What users will get if the conditions are met ?); and one or more ‘Action Conditions’ (i.e. What are the inclusions and exclusions for fulfilling the actions?). You can also create Promotion coupled with a ‘Discount Voucher Campaign’ and apply the rules of the promotion to the respective discount vouchers. You can also map the campaign to an external coupon system, so that you can directly use those vouchers without creating them. These coupons will be displayed to applicable end-users during checkout.

For example, A buy one get one free (BOGO) promotion can only be availed if the customer has added two of those items to the cart. 

2. Catalog Promotion

Catalog Promotions are shown to the users on landing pages like Homepage, Category page and product description page and users see the final web prices on these pages post-application of the promotion. You can apply catalog promotion to one or several products based on the product tag, brand, SKU and other conditions. Catalog promotions are the ones that get applied right on product showcases & product pages, and their application is not dependent on the quantity of item(s). 

For example, for an end-of-season sale the discounted web prices are shown on the home page and automatically applied to one or more products. Customers do not need to go to the cart page to avail this offer.