Cart promotions are the promotions that get applied when the customer reaches the cart page. These promotions apply on a customer's shopping cart based on the cart value or cart items present in it.

For example, consider Buy one Get one free (BOGO) on Shirts Promotion which gets applied only when the user adds two shirts to the cart.

On ACP you can create complex promotions very easily even without any knowledge of programming. Here are some of the things that you can achieve using the promotions engine: 

  • You can create percentage or flat promotions that get applied to one or multiple products. 
  • You can run voucher based campaigns using the Cart promotions. 
  • You can club multiple conditions based on the product or cart parameters and apply them on the cart simultaneously. 
  • You can leverage external coupon systems to run campaigns on ACP using the Cart promotions section. 
  • You can give promotions higher visibility and increase their usage.

Use Cases

  1. Some of the promotions that you can create on ACP are as follows:
  2. Buy X and get 20% on Y. For example, Buy a Shirt & Get 20% off on a Trouser
  3. Buy items worth INR 5000 & Get 20% off. 
  4. Buy one get one free: Buy one pizza and get another pizza free. 
  5. External Coupon Discounts: User specific coupon vouchers sent on their Birthdays.
  6. Buy 3 products for 999: Choose 3 products from the given category and the promotion will be applied on the cart page. 

Documents and Links

  1. PDP suggestions document

  2. Threshold conditions document 

  1. By default, allow further promotions works
  2. Switching on the best promotion flag -  the above one doesn’t work & Inclusive/Exclusive starts working.

Total discount amount after applying all inclusive promotions compared with Exclusive promotions individually -  the maximum discount one gets applied.