Release Features

Date: June 25, 2021

New Releases and enhancement

The following are the new releases and enhancements.

1. Website Performance Enhancement

2. MRP based Promotions

3. Promotion config flexibility - Applying promotion on the Cheapest item to maximize discount

1. Website Performance Enhancement

The core idea behind the prioritization being faster websites that enhance user experience & convert more users. Also, a faster website leads to higher Google ranks to generate more traffic on a website.

Current metrics & benchmarks

For any Storefront website built on our platform, the PageSpeed insights score hovers in the range of [5,12] while for major e-commerce websites (Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon) hovers in the range of [25,35].


For the last two sprints, we have analyzed different opportunities & have tried making corresponding changes on Indian Terrain's website. With these, we were able to push our Pagespeed insights score from 7 to 22 for the brand.

The following changes are released at a platform level across all brands.

  1. Enabling H2 push: With this, we have started certain resources like JS ahead of time thereby cutting time to interaction.

  2. Analysis of different JS widgets used across the platform & splitting the common-build.js: A common file that includes javascript corresponding to all the pages.

Next Steps

While some of the major changes have been rolled out to the platform-wide level, a few of them need to be taken upon individual merchants level by the Delivery & UI team.

We have collated all such changes in the Web optimization guidelines for your reference.

2. MRP based Promotions

As of now, all the promotions that can be created on the Catalog or Cart promotions engine consider primarily the Web price. The need for facilitating MRP based promotions rests on the premise of providing a store-like experience on the websites.

At stores, a good number of discounts are primarily based on the MRP value of the products.

Cart promotions - Configurations settings


  1. Cart parameters - Users will be able to create conditions on the “Total MRP” using this functionality.
    1. Behavior of “Total MRP” will be similar to Cart Subtotal.
    2. Equal/not equal/lesser than/greater than/lesser than equal to/greater than equal to conditions can be configured on the “Total MRP” value.
  2. Users will also be able to configure conditions on “MRP Amount” of individual products.
    1. Behavior of “MRP Amount” will be similar to Price.
    2. For example, apply the discount if any item in the cart has an “MRP Amount” equal/not equal/lesser than/greater than/lesser than equal/greater than equal, to the XX amount.

3. Promotion config flexibility - Applying promotion on the Cheapest item to maximize discount

Until now, brands could configure product price discounts either on the cheapest item on the Cart or on the most Expensive items on the cart.

For example, if a brand was running a promotion “Buy 1 & Get 1 Free” & the user had added three items - the brand could either give the most expensive or the cheapest item for free.

There was no way of giving the second item free - that is, the cheaper item that maximizes the discount - something what a smart customer would have achieved by splitting the order in two - had the brand configured this promotion on Cheapest item.

How it works?

This flexibility aims to solve the above mentioned use case on platform - wherein the system tries to maximize the discount during promotion application.