Faster websites to enhance user experience

Revolutionizing the e-commerce space has always been our top priority. Through this update, we have enhanced the performance of your website multiple times. With our latest update, we have successfully achieved significant speed levels of web pages getting loaded. 

In addition to this, we have also moved multiple steps ahead of major e-commerce giants of website performance and speed. For more insights, see Website Performance Enhancement.

MRP based promotions

Tempting your customers with MRP based discounts has become much simpler with the new update. Now on ACP, you can easily benefit your customer by launching impactful MRP based promotions. For this, you just need the product's MRP and discount to be applied followed by putting relevant actions and conditions on it. At checkout, the mentioned numbers will be shown so that the promotion applied to the purchase can make sense for your customers.

For more insights, see MRP based Promotions.

Geolocation based order allocation and order allocation filters

To provide a more convenient and smart supply chain for your online customers, we have introduced the order fulfilment of customers from their nearest location. The system just uses the customers' delivery PIN to identify their location and accordingly assign the fulfilment location.

For more insights, see Geolocation based order allocation and order allocation filters.

Replacement/Exchange Functionality in My Orders

Now customers can exchange or replace their products with a similar or a new product easily, which enhances their user experience. For more insights, see Replacement/Exchange Functionality in My Orders.

Search Enhancement

This enhancement corrects the spelling errors made by users while searching for a product. You can configure keywords related to products, the keyword is tagged to the closest matching product. 

The new search enhancements are as follows.

  1. Tracking no search results: Merchants can now track the queries resulting in no search results in Google Analytics. Like any other event, they can slice and dice this data across different user attributes in Google Analytics to measure the impact of no search results on conversions and their frequency.
  2. Configuring synonyms and stopwords: Merchants can now configure keywords and stopwords that are relevant to them. 
  3. Enhancing auto-suggest feature: New parameters like data-skipCategoryFacet and data-delay are taken into consideration.
    For more insights, see Search Enhancement.

Keeping users logged in for “x” duration - Merchant level configuration

You can configure the duration for which the user will be logged in on the storefront websites. By default, a user is logged in for two hours on all storefront websites. For more insights, see Keeping users logged in for "x" duration, Filter Enhancements & "Out of stock" filter for feeds.

Filter Enhancements

The following are the filter enhancements.

  1. Tracking Filter Usage: You can now track filter-use events on Google Analytics.
  2. Multi-select prices: You can allow users to select multiple price ranges.
  3. User experience of Price Sliders: Mobile users can now drag price sliders to desired ranges without a hassle. 

For more insights, see Keeping users logged in for "x" duration, Filter Enhancements & "Out of stock" filter for feeds.

Out of stock Filter for Feeds

You can either include or exclude out of stock products from the products field. For more insights, see Keeping users logged in for "x" duration, Filter Enhancements & "Out of stock" filter for feeds.