User Journey

On the storefront, users will get an option to subscribe to a product on Showcase or Product Description page (or both). While an existing user will be able to choose a subscription plan as per his/her needs & save it; a new visitor will have to log in to the system and add an address before choosing a subscription plan - relevant nudges have been supported.

Towards the end of every day (around 11:00 PM), system will place a subscription order (if any) on behalf of user with the following details

  1. List of items as per subscription plan.

  2. Applying prices (at that instant) & any possible discounts - valid at that moment.

  3. Delivery address - Default delivery address on the customer’s account.

  4. Time slot - Next available time slot.

The payments against the order will be debited from the user’s closed loop wallet.

Other aspects/features

  1. Configuring Subscribable/Non-subscribable tags at Product level - Brands will have an option to selectively make products subscribable on the Dashboard.

  2. A closed loop wallet for making payments against subscription orders

    1. Every user account will have a closed-loop wallet & users will be able to recharge the wallet, check their balance & view their transactions.

    2. Wallet balance will be used to pay for subscription orders - unavailability or inadequate balance will result in failure of subscription order.

  3. Flexible subscription plans: Users will be able to choose a subscription plan for any product & stop the plan from My Accounts section at any moment.

  4. My Account > Subscriptions: Visibility to users on all the subscribed items along with their subscription plans in My Account section.

Implementation Details

  1. Configuration of closed loop wallet - Loyalty & ACP

  2. Template changes - Closed Loop wallet on Storefront

  3. Template changes: Subscription products & subscription plan

  4. Configuring communication events & Template configurations

  5. Subscription APIs

What this feature doesn’t support?

  1. Future scope (but not a part of OND plan)

    1. Use of wallet amount to place normal orders.

    2. Proactively raising low wallet balance alarms/communication on a day before the subscription order will be failed.

    3. Proactively showing users on PDP & PLP pages -  whether a product has been  already subscribed and at what frequency.

    4. Placing subscription orders at multiple addresses.

  2. Not a part of product plan

    1. Refunding money against any returns to the closed loop wallet

    2. Taking money out of the closed loop wallet.


Refer Subscription Screenshots to checkout screenshots user journey & other supported functionalities.