Release Features

Date: May 25, 2021


This feature is released on the ACP platform with the objective to enhance the post-order journey for the end-user.

Problem Statement

In the e-commerce platform, around 15-25% of fashion & apparel category orders are returned after shipment. The majority of these returns are due to size misfit issues.

Until now, while the replacement process flow existed on the CP and was available to customer care executives - customers did not have a proper online replacement process flow. They had two options - either to call customer care or to place a return request and then place a new order (leading to drop-offs & business losses).


This feature resolves the issue and enhances the customer experience by letting their products exchanged/replaced easily. The following are the steps.

  1. Once the items are delivered, customers will get a Return/Replace button against each item in My Account > Order details screen.
  2. After choosing the return/replace reason, users will get an option to replace the item with the same or other variants of the product having the same price as the ordered variant (on the day the replacement request is raised).
    This means that we haven’t solved potential refund/additional payment scenarios in this phase of release.
  3. Submitting a replacement request will
    1. Create a return request for the ordered item in the backend.
    2. Create a new replacement order of the requested variant at a price equivalent to the original order.
  4. The newly created order remains on Holdsuntil the original item is marked
    1. Return initiated
    2. Return picked up
    3. Return received
      The same can be configured at the Application Settings > Order Settings screen.
  5. For now, customers can only once raise replacement requests against the ordered item. It means a customer cannot place a replacement request on a replaced order. But they can place a replacement request on a replaced order by calling customer care.