Release Features

Date: April 16, 2021


We have the following enhancementon ACP. 

Keeping users logged in for “x” duration - Merchant level configuration

This functionality simplifies returning users' journey who can now directly pick up from where they left - instead of logging in or re-searching previously added items to the cart before logging in.

This feature allows brands to configure the duration for which users must be kept logged in on the storefront websites.  By default, this duration has been configured as 2 hours for all the storefront websites.

This can be configured in Settings > Application Settings > Login & Registration Settings > Login Settings.

This logged-in duration is now active. For example, if a brand has selected 30 days as the logged-in period and the user comes back on the 15th day (after having logged in on the first day) - the user will be logged out automatically on the 45th day. Also with this release, users will remain logged in for the specified duration irrespective of whether the browser/tab was closed or not. A glitch that was previously present in the system.

Filter Enhancements

The following are the filter enhancements.

  1. Tracking Filter Usage: Brands can now track filter-use events on Google Analytics. Like any other event, brands can slice and dice data across different user attributes in Google Analytics to check the filter usage and its impact on conversions. 
  2. Multi-select prices: Previously, users could choose only one price range from the list of ranges displayed on refined search. After the release, the default behavior across all merchants has changed to multi-select, conforming to the behavior of other filter attributes.
  3. User experience of Price Sliders: Earlier, mobile users were facing UX issues while dragging the price sliders to desired ranges wherever this functionality was present - limiting its usage.
    The same has been fixed now and released for all the merchants wherever it is in use.

Out of stock Filter for Feeds

Last quarter, we added another configuration in the Feed generation settings - “Include Out of Stock products”  that remains checked by default.

Unchecking this checkbox will remove all the entries with Availability “Out of stock” from generated feeds - which is important considering that out-of-stock products redirect users and google bot to 404 pages.