Release Features

Date: April 16, 2021


We have the following enhancementon ACP. 

  1. Search Enhancement - Tracking no search results
  2. Search Enhancement - Configuring synonyms and stopwords
  3. Search Enhancement - Enhancing auto-suggest feature

Problem Statement

Sometimes, users end up using search functionality to precisely know what they are looking for and hence have higher intent (2x conversion rates vis-a-vis users navigating to multiple pages on IndianTerrain). And by tracking and reducing “No search results” more such users can be pushed into the conversion funnel.

Search Enhancement - Tracking no search results

Merchants can now track the queries resulting in no search results in Google Analytics. Like any other event, they can slice and dice this data across different user attributes in Google Analytics to measure the impact of no search results on conversions and their frequency.

This will also help to track the efficiency of search, configure synonyms, create better product content & even figure out possible verticals for merchandise expansion.

Search Enhancement - Configuring synonyms and stopwords

  1. Currently, search functionality on the ACP platform works on exact keyword matches.

    By configuring synonyms, merchants can define their industry-specific keywords as synonyms & language-specific alternatives (consider Hinglish words for India) to improve the search experience.

  2. By configuring stopwords, merchants can define keywords that are to be ignored in the search query. For example, users might end up typing “Indian Terrain Jackets” and get zero results because “Indian Terrain” doesn’t feature in product attributes (title, description). Using stopwords, merchants can add keywords like brand names, prepositions, articles that need to be ignored.


  1. Raise a ticket to the Sustenance team to get the feature activated for the required merchant.
  2. Once activated, CP users will be able to configure synonyms and stopwords on the Settings > Configure search section as follows.
  3. Like templates, any change in the synonyms configuration needs to be approved by another user from the “Template Change requests” section & can be found under entity type “Search”. Once approved, re-indexing of Solr data takes place & the changes start reflecting on production subsequently.

Re-indexing can lead to temporary issues on website showcases and we recommend approving these changes in off-business hours.

Search Enhancement - Enhancing auto-suggest feature

We have made many performance-related enhancements and rolled them across all the merchants. 

We have also started considering the following new parameters that can now be played around at template level

  1. data-skipCategoryFacet to skip the Category based suggestions in non-add to cart-based widgets. 
  2. data-delay to configure the intentional delay between successive calls for auto-suggestions. By default, this is set to 1000 ms (performance & debouncing considerations).

For more details on the changes, see the documentation.