Release Features

Date: January 27, 2021

New Release

The new ACP platform release helps to improve the user experience of the CRM userbase visiting e-commerce sites. Capillary has a significant CRM user base (approx 1.7 million) for Indian Terrain that can be targeted through campaigns to increase online shopping with lower customer acquisition cost(CAC).

The following are the details:


We have some enhancementavailable on ACP. 

The following are the details:

Unified login and registration

The unified login and registration process are to simplify the registration process for the CRM users visiting e-commerce for the first time.

How does it work?

The following steps that users can use to log-in or register to the org’s online shopping portal.

  • All users (new and registered) should enter their ten-digit mobile number in the “Login/Register” screen.
  • If the users are
    1. Already present in e-commerce database:  Users will be taken through Mobile and OTP or Mobile and password depending on the configuration.
    2. Present in CRM but not in e-commerce: Here, the CRM user data will be used during the registration.
      1. For mobile number and OTP based login: Users will be logged in after OTP validation.
      2. For mobile number and password-based login: Users have to enter the password only. Other fields will be pre-defined in the registration form.
    3. Other users: Users will be taken through the registration process
In the above processes, necessary sync is maintained between the e-commerce data and CRM data.

This feature also unifies the login and registration screen for the users, which reduces confusion for users (especially CRM) during registration or login.


The following are the steps to configure the registration settings. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Application Settings > Loging and Registration Settings.
  2. In Registration Settings, select the Unified Login/Registration Flow using the checkbox option.

    It is a temporary field for the purpose of migration.

  3. In Registration Settings, choose the login field (Email or Password) to make it mandatory for the user registration. If either of these fields is not available in the user’s CRM data then the registration page will appear after OTP verification. OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.
    1. Select the Email Required using the checkbox option.
    2. Select the Password Required using the checkbox option. This will enable mobile number and password-based login for the orgs.
  4. Click Save to save all the changes.

Enhanced visibility to CRM based coupons

Previously PDP and Cart pages - suggested promotions only list down the promotions created in the e-commerce system. In the last release, the templates start listing CRM coupons along with active coupon codes (if any). All active non-redeemed CRM coupons for the logged-in user will be visible after this change.

How does it work?

The system checks all the promotions for the following three conditions on PDP and Cart pages and displays the relevant promotions.

  1. Checks for all the promotions that have "Is Suggestive Rule" enabled.
  2. For all the promotions satisfying condition 1, then the "Condition" section is validated.
    1. For Cart page promotion listing, the system checks if the cart satisfies the promotion condition or not.
    2. For the PDP page promotion listing, the system checks if the product’s addition to the cart (for the PDP page) satisfies the promotion condition or not.
  3. Any external promotions that satisfy conditions 1 and 2 - the system checks if the coupon is still valid and redeemable for the user.

    The user should be logged in to check this condition.


Create and map the CRM coupon on the e-commerce cart promotion engine, 

  1. Navigate to the Marketing > Manage Promotions > Cart Promotion > Add/Edit Cart Promotion.
  2. In Rule Information, select Yes for Is Suggestive Rule? field using the drop-down option.
  3. Click Save and Next to proceed.