Order allocation will consider cumulative qty of an item if the order has duplicate line items


  • For some merchants, order is placed with an item is split into multiple line items with Qty 1 e.g. say if an order is placed for 3 qtys of TV then it will have 3 line items for TV with 1 Qty each.  In this case, the duplicate line items get treated as individual entities and could get allocated to different stores as order allocation rules run for each of these


  • A new merchant level config has been added to the Control Panel: ‘Settings’ -> ‘Application Settings’ -> ‘Order Settings’ -> ‘Order Settings’ -> ‘Split/Cumulate Order Line Items during allocation’

  • If the ‘Cumulate order line items’ config is chosen, the system will check for duplicate order line items in an order

  • During the creation of the order itself, all the duplicated items will be clubbed and one line item will be created by taking the cumulative quantity. The order allocation rules will then run for that cumulated line item as a single entity to avoid undesirable order allocation to multiple stores

  • For the example given in the problem statement, the order will now be placed with only one line item (for TV) with 3 Qty

  • When duplicate line items are clubbed to create a single line item, all entities such as shipping amount, tax, discount will also be clubbed

CP Snapshot: Configuration in CP