Summary of enhancements:

  1. Unique order reference number
  2. Option to disable communication events in new comm service

Unique order reference number


  • At times errors are returned by the Create bulk order APIs while trying to create orders. Due to this, due to the client's retrial mechanism, the API gets called again for retries.  It results in duplicate orders getting created.
  • When the duplicate orders get canceled, the customers receive communication that it has been canceled while the system still processes the original order. This creates unnecessary confusion and affects user experience.


  • Provision to handle the creation of such duplicate orders due to errors has been added and going forward the order reference number can be unique for an org.

  • Not all merchants might want to adopt this, so a merchant level config has been added in ‘Control Panel -> Settings -> Application Settings -> Order Settings’.

  • When this config is enabled duplicate order reference numbers won’t be created. 

CP Snapshot:

Option to disable communication events in new comm service


  • Currently, there is no option to enable or disable events in the ‘Control Panel -> Mail Manager -> Manage Communications’ page.

  • The user has to delete a communication event every time it has to be disabled and post deletion if the event is required to be re-configured while doing so the already configured template will not be available. Hence the user would have to configure the template from scratch.


  • A new action “Disable” or “Enable” has been added to the ‘Manage Communication Events’ page 

  • The status column will display the current status of the respective communication event, and the status can be toggled using the ‘Enable/ Disable’ buttons in the ‘Actions’ column.

  • If a communication event is inactive, then no communication will be sent out due to that event.

  • The templates and all other configuration will remain as it is without any deletions and the activities will be passed to audit log under the communication entity.

CP Snapshot: