Dynamic listing logic is available for product showcase

Currently, product listing is based on catalogue sequence. There was no way of configuring sequence for custom showcases etc. With priority configuration setting product listing can be sorted based on new parameters like orders, recency and inventory.

How to configure this?
Dynamic listing is available under Settings > Priority ConfigurationRules can be set based on 3 parameters and a priority can be assigned to each parameter. Further, sort type ascending and descending can be used in each of the parameters. The parameters are:
    1. Catalogue sequence
    2. Score (Details on this are available below)
    3. Inventory
Priority determines which of the rules will be applied first. For example, if inventory is 1 and catalogue sequence is 2, the result will be sorted based on inventory and catalogue sequence will be used when 2 or more products have the same inventory count.
Multiple rules can be configured for the merchant. Rules can be applied to specific showcases and category pages or the listing in the entire website.

How is the Score calculated?
Currently score is a composite of 2 factors: orders and recency.This is available under Store Settings > Priority Configuration
In the above UI, only order in the last 31 days will be considered for calculating the score.

Note: Number of days is a merchant level setting. No. of days at rule level will be taken up as an enhancement later. Weightage for order and recency for calculating score can be assigned at the rule level. This is available under the priority config settings. 

  1. Calculation of the score is done once a day and will be available from the next day.
  2. This is available only for Storefront websites. The sort type should be Popularity. Popularity can be made the default search if the merchant wants users to see this sort by default.