Summary of enhancements:

  1. Order Confirmation Email and SMS for Orders Placed with Points or Discount Voucher as Single Payment Mode.
  2. Picking from the Control Panel - Ability to Edit Quantity.
  3. Order Copy File to be Renamed to 'Order Copy'.
  4. User Interface for monitoring Loyalty Integration.

Order Confirmation Email and SMS for Orders Placed with Points or Discount Voucher as Single Payment Mode


  • The platform does not have communication events (Email & SMS) for the orders that were placed using 100% Loyalty points (Capillary CRM points) or placed without any payment (discount voucher)

  • Hence, no communication (Email or SMS) is sent after such an order is placed successfully


  • A new email and SMS event, titled ‘Order Alert - Points/Full Discount’, has been added in CP for all orders confirmed due to complete payment with Capillary points or no payment

  • The event will trigger for both user and merchant




Picking from the Control Panel - Ability to Edit Quantity


  • Currently, if a picker has to pick multiple say 10 qtys of a given item, during picking he has to scan each individual quantity of that item i.e he will have to scan 10 times. This becomes a cumbersome task when the number of ordered item quantities are high.


  • While processing picking confirmation from the control panel, a picker can edit picked quantity of an item instead of scanning each quantity. This would make the process easier in cases where the ordered item quantities are high. 

CP Display:

  • When a picker enters a barcode against a SKU, a new column titled ‘Picked Qty’ is available

  • The ‘Picked Qty’ column displays Picked Quantity of the item in the picklist

  • Example: 

    • an order has 5 Qty for a variant SKU

    • 3 of the Qty are part of a single picklist

    • When the picker enters the SKU barcode for the first time, the column to display ‘1’

    • When the picker enters the SKU barcode again, the column to display ‘2’

Edit Action:

  • The column ‘Picked Qty’ will have an ‘Edit’ option

  • The picker can modify the picked quantity by clicking on the ‘Edit’ option

    • The modified picked quantity must be greater than equal to picked quantity and less than or equal to the quantity in the picklist

    • E.g. if a picker has scanned one quantity, during edit, he can specify picked quantity >= 1 and picked quantity <= quantity in the picklist


Order Copy File to be Renamed to 'Order Copy'


  • After a successful order, when the user prints Order Copy the file is saved as ‘InvoiceReports' 

  • There is a legal BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) requirement that any non-BIR compliant company (such as Capillary) cannot generate legal documents such as an invoice. This does not pass the compliance requirements


  • The file name was changed to ‘OrderCopy’ instead of ‘InvoiceReports’ when user wanted to print an order copy. This ensures compliance with the legal BIR requirements.

  • Also, the file name was changed from ‘InvoiceReports’ to ‘OrderCopy’ for order copies generated from the following pages in the Storefront

    1. My account order details

    2. Order success page 

User Interface for monitoring Loyalty Integration


  • Transactions weren’t pushed to CRM from ACP at times because of which the delivery team had to monitor the transaction logs. This is necessary because if orders are not pushed to CRM, there would be no points allocated to those orders.

  • There was no option to view the transaction logs of loyalty integrated orders in the Control Panel and the delivery team needed tech team’s intervention for validating which was time consuming.


  • A new UI enhancement has been added to the control panel where the logs can be viewed under Apps -> Capillary CRM Settings -> Loyalty Integration Monitoring (

  • The search result will populate a summary of the logs in that date range:

    • Date

    • Prepaid orders placed

    • COD orders placed

    • Prepaid orders delivered

    • COD orders delivered

    • Returns for Prepaid orders

    • Returns for COD orders

    • CRM Add transactions: The transactions for which the points will be allocated.

    • CRM Return transactions: The transactions for which allocated points will be reverted (for orders which are cancelled/returned/refunded).

  • Followed by the summary, the logs populated will have the following fields:

    • Order Number    

    • Transaction Date    

    • Object Type    

    • Action    

    • Status Code    

    • Mobile    

    • Email

  • Logs can be fetched for a maximum of 1 week at once (custom date range).

  • Using these logs, any breaks in the transactions flow from ACP to CRM can be diagnosed.

CP Screenshots:

Summary and logs: