Summary of enhancements:

  1. Promotion and Voucher Application Flow Enhancement.
  2. Cart Promotions on Variant Product Tags.
  3. Promotions on Customer profile attributes
  4. Channel Support in Storefront Journey.


Promotion and Voucher Application Flow Enhancement

Promotion and Voucher application flow has been separated. Earlier the same condition was used to evaluate both. 

The example below explains the impact of change in behaviour


Cart SubTotal - Rs 1200

Cart promotion: 20% on orders above Rs 1000. 

Voucher promotion: Rs 500 off on orders above Rs 1000. 

Old Behaviour: 

If the product subtotal was 1200, both the promotions would have been applied. 

New Behaviour:

With the updated flow, first, the voucher promotion will be applied and the cart promotion will only be applied when the new cart subtotal satisfies the condition for the promotion (ie. new subtotal > 1000)

Old Flow

New Flow

Cart subtotal - 1200

Cart promotion - 1200 - 240 (20% of 1200) = 960

Voucher Promotion - 960 - 500 = 460

Final Amount= 460

Cart Subtotal - 1200

Voucher promotion - 1200 - 500 = 700

Cart promotion - Does not apply as new subtotal is < 1000

Final amount =  700

Reference tickets: ACP-47728 & ACP-52817

Cart promotions based on Variant Product Tags

Support for variant level product tags was added last quarter. With this enhancement, promotions can be configured on variant product tags. 

Eg. Variant product tag eg. “Red” can be tagged to all red colour shirts. Promotions can be configured on this tag. 

Reference ticket: ACP-50724

Promotions on custom user profile attributes

Context: Profile attributes can be created under the member profile section in the CP.  The profile attribute can be updated during registration or through Dev APIs and Bulk upload.

Promotions can now be configured on Custom Profile Attributes.

Sample Use Cases Addressed:

  • Merchants can run employee/company-specific promotion. Company name can be captured during registration and promotion can be configured for it.   

Reference ticket: ACP-50522

Channel support in Storefront Journey

Channel support in Storefront Journey

Context: Support for channel and platform had been released in the last sprint. Channel and Platform information has to be sent in header cart calls. Channel-based promotions can be configured based on this information eg. Android Apps etc. 

This was available in Dev APIs. However, Storefront did not send this information.

Enhancement: Channel and platform information has been added to cart calls in the storefront. 

Channel: Web | Platform: SF

Use Case addressed:
Channel-based promotions can be on the platform with the above information. Promotion configured using the above setting will work only for users who place orders through Storefront. 

Reference ticket: ACP-52038