Option to add city, state, and country from Admin panel

Context: Currently there is a dependency on the sustenance team to add city, state and country data to masters.

Solution: A new page (Admin cPanel -> Administration -> City Master -> City data upload) has been added to Admin cPanel to upload city, state and country data.

  • There are options to choose and upload the file here. 

  • Format is .xlsx with 2 sheets

    • Sheet 1: City, State, Country in base (English) language

    • Sheet 2: Multilingual translation of city, state, country

Sheet 1: English language:

  • The columns in the table are as follows:

    • City

    • State

    • Country

    • State Code

  • The hierarchy to be followed while uploading the file are as follows:

    • Country

    • State along with the State Code

    • City

  • Validation pointers for upload:

    • Cannot upload a new state along with a new country at once, likewise for a new city.

    • For a state to be added, the corresponding country must exist already. Likewise for a city to be added, the corresponding state and country must exist already. 

    • If the higher hierarchies are satisfied, then the next level can be uploaded in bulk with multiple rows.

Sheet 2: Multilingual translation:

  • The columns in the table are as follows:

    • City

    • State

    • Country

    • Language code

    • City translation

    • State translation

    • Country translation

  • The first three columns are always in the base language (English).

  • The last three columns will be the corresponding city, state, country translation based on the language code in the 4th column.

  • Supports multiple uploads for city, state and country at the same time without hierarchy checks.