Abandoned Cart Enhancement 

The email notification service are updated.

The users cannot be targeted based on the checkout abandoned stage. Cart Abandonment email is triggered using the old communication engine.
Event Name: Abandoned
    Email template for this event had to be configured. 

Users can now be targeted based on the stage of the checkout abandonment. Three attempts can be made for each stage. The stages are:
  1. Abandoned at any stage (Same as the current abandoned cart)
  2. Abandoned before address update
  3. Abandoned after address update
  4. After payment mode is selected
Steps to configure the new flow:
  1. Configure abandoned cart from Marketing > Cart Abandonment Settings
  2. Enable Cart Abandonment service by selecting the version as “v2” and filling the Abandonment time 
  3. Configure rules for different stages
  4. Add events for triggering the notification to end-user:
    This is available under Settings > Mail Manager > Manage Communication Events 
  5. Configure the template 
Default Template for cart abandonment at any stage is currently available. CSS can be changed based on the merchant requirement.For merchants who want to migrate the existing cart abandonment template with the V2 service, the list of variables that need to be replaced is available in the attached file. (Refer attachment)