Summary of enhancements:

  1. Cancel all and return all support in Storefront.
  2. Cart enhancements.
  3. Promote Enhancements:
    1. Channel-based promotions.
    2. Promotions on non-discounted products.
    3. Amount capping on promotion discounts.


Cancel All and Return All support in SF

Use Case: Currently, the platform only supports order item level cancellation and returns. When the # Order items are large this process becomes tedious. 

This enhancement allows for bulk cancellations and returns from Storefront.

There is no change in the behavior of cancellation and returns. i.e.:

Cancel: All pending and authorized order items can be canceled.

Return: All delivered order items can be returned. 

The template changes needed for this are available in the document attached.

Reference: To know more about bulk attribute upload, see ... refer the attachment


Cart Enhancement

Cart architectural changes have been made to improve the cart performance and support additional consumer journey use cases. 

Key Highlights of cart architectural changes:

  1. Cart refresh based on new location and delivery mode.
     In location-based journey’s, Eg. Pizza Hut, the store can be changed in the checkout stage as well. Information on out of stock products and change in product price can be shown when the location is changed.
  2. Refresh stale carts: The current price, inventory, and promotions will be reflected in the cart. This is needed for periodicity based products and promotions 

Promotion Enhancements

Channel Based Promotion Support for Dev APIs

Channel-based promotions allow merchants to configure targeted promotions. Eg. Promotions for IOS App users, Desktop Users etc. 

Platform and Channel have to be configured at a merchant level. This is available under Application Settings > Store Settings

The below example can be used to configure promotions for Android-specific users. 

Channel Configuration (Application Settings > Store Settings)

Promotion Configuration

The platform and channel information has to be passed separately in the Cart API header.

To be released: Support for channel-based promotions in Storefront will be released in Sprint 31

 Reference: To know more about bulk attribute upload,   marketing > manage promotion > cart promotion

Run promotions on Discounted and Non-Discounted products

Cart promotions can now be configured exclusively for non-discounted products. This can be configured under “Single-cart item” and “Multi-cart items” parameter selection

 Reference: To know more about bulk attribute upload, see ...  marketing > cart promotions > conditions

Capping Percentage Discount  Amount

This enables capping the total discount amount when % discount is selected. 

For eg. Promotions can be configured for a 10% discount up to Rs 150. 


Reference: To know more about bulk attribute upload, see ... marketing > cart promotions > actions