How do I create a sample catalog promotion and test its effects before creating live promotions?


Why testing is required prior to run catalog promotions and how it can be carried out?

Why to test Catalog Promotions before running them?

  • Once you have created an active Catalog promotion, the prices of products will be immediately affected in storefront as per the rules applied to the promotion.

  • Respective customers can start buying those products at discounted prices. So, it will be better to cross-check once after creating a promotion so that you can make sure what exactly you want to offer through the promotion and what is currently being offered clearly.

To create a sample catalog promotion and test its effects before creating live promotions, do the following:

  • First register yourself (or through any 'User Name') as a user of your web store.

  • Create a 'User Group' (Please Refer: Create new User Groups) and merge your 'User Name' (or respective 'User Name') with this 'User Group' (Please Refer: Migrate Users into User Groups).

  • Then, while creating a Catalog Promotion, add the required user groups to the promotion through Conditions tab and save the promotion after defining Conditions, Actions, and Capping Conditions (Optional).
    • Please refer: Applying Promotions to certain User Groups: topic in Add Catalog Promotion to know how to add user groups to a promotion.
  • The rest of the procedure of creating 'Catalog Promotion' is as same as Add Catalog Promotion
  • Now the conditions are satisfied only for the users of selected 'User Group' (i.e. yourself). So, test the Catalog promotion by exploring all possible scenarios and once you have satisfied, remove the 'User Group' from the Conditions and save the promotion.
  • That's all your testing is over, and your promotion is open for all now.
    • Note: You can also apply thie promotion to the specific user groups as explained above.