Audit log enables you to track who made the changes, and when was the last time, the product configurations were modified. You can also see the change details by clicking on the comparison link. 

Use one or more search criteria to filter the search result, and then click Get logs.

Note: Fields marked with * asterisk sign is compulsory to fill.

Search filter

Field nameDescription
Entity Name*To search the changes based on the entity, select an entity type from the drop-down menu.
UsernameTo search the changes based on the user, enter the username.
FromSelect the search start date.
ToSelect the search end date.  The date range can not be more than one week.

Search result

Field nameDescription
Update dateIt shows the last updated timestamp of the audit log.
Format: dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss
UsernameIt lists the username who made the last entry on the particular log.
Entity typeIt shows the result based on the selected entity type.
CompareIt lists the audit log compare link. Click on the link to view the comparison between the old data and new data. The modified rows are highlighted.
The left column shows the old data and the right column shows the old data.