Summary of enhancements:

The enhancement of each feature is described in detail.

  • Delivery area drop-down and address management

    Context: In SEA (South East Asia) and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) countries, the delivery area instead of Pincode is available for last-mile delivery. Creating a new delivery area field allows customers to select a delivery area though drop-down selection, based on the state and city.

    Delivery Area is available as a dependent drop-down in registration, saved address and checkout page.
    Reference: To know more about template changes, see the Delivery area dependent drop-down attachment.

  • Delivery area for product serviceability in PDP

    Details: The current product serviceability widget in PDP takes only Pincode as the input. The delivery area has been added to the PDP flow. This allows customers to get product serviceability info based on the Delivery area (when the delivery area is mapped to 1 Pincode) or select Pincode through a dropdown based on the delivery area selected.

    Reference: To know more about template changes, see the Delivery area dependent drop-down attachment.

  • Service Worker File Support

    Third-party Service Worker files allow push notifications and other in-app engagements. The service worker file can be added to the root directory through the control panel.

    This is available under “Application settings > Store Settings > Include service worker JS”

    To get detail information on template changes, click Service worker changes.
    Reference: To know more about template changes, see the Service worker changes attachment.

Bug fixes

  1. Template management in Control Panel: There are now 2 fields in the template change flow: Change-log and Approver’s comment. Change-log is to be added when a template change request is made. Approver’s comment is to be added when the template changes are approved/rejected. Approver’s comment is not compulsory. These sections should be used to track all template changes.
  2. My Account section now shows only cart promotions and associate vouchers for the specific user. Earlier all vouchers created for a merchant were displayed in “My Accounts” section. (ACP-46940)
  3. Checkout page performance has been improved for scenarios where states and cities were fetched based on delivery areas. Eg. AjlanBros (ACP-49817).
  4. User activation information is available through GetCustomer API (ACP-50088)

To Find the user service enhancement release notes, click Customer Journey | Dec 2019 Release notes.