• The ValuAccess payment gateway allows your users to shop at your online stores using the ValuAccess gift cards. This will be an added advantage to your store as the ValuAccess gift cards are getting popular these days.

  • You can also enable the auto refund feature, which can be processed by generating new ValuAccess cards for the refund amount and sending to the customer's shipping and billing email/mobile number.

  • You can configure the 'ValuAccess payment gateway' here and also change the help content help content about this payment gateway for a better understanding of the end-user.

How do I integrate the 'ValuAccess payment gateway' with my web store?

To integrate the ValuAccess payment gateway with your web store, do the following:

  • Log in to the 'Anywhere Commerce Control Panel' by using your User Name (Email Address) and Password.

 Checkout Options

  • You will be navigated to the Dashboard page.

 Checkout Options

  • Click the  Checkout Options icon. The Dashboard & Setup section will be displayed as shown in the figure.

 Checkout Options

  • Click the Checkout Options and select Online Checkout Options. You will be navigated to the Checkout Options > Online Checkout Options page.

 Checkout Options

  • You can find out the checkout options that are not yet integrated with your store in the Available Checkout Options section and also find out the integrated checkout options for your store at the Selected Checkout Options section.
  • Click the valu1.jpg icon in the 'Available Checkout Options' section and you will be navigated to the Checkout Options > VALUACCESS Payment Gateway Configuration page.

 Checkout Options

ValuAccess Account Information:

  • To give a name to this payment gateway, enter a suitable name (Ex: 'ValuAccess PG') in the Gateway Title text box.
    • Note: The same name will be displayed in the payment gateway help content section when a user clicks the respective payment gateway tab during checkout.
  • Enter your merchant id for the 'ValuAccess' in the Merchant Id text box.
  • Enter your store id for the 'ValuAccess' in the Store Id text box.
  • Enter your user id for the 'ValuAccess' in the User Id text box.
  • Enter your password for the 'ValuAccess' in the User Password text box.
  • Enter the URL for the 'ValuAccess' in the ValuAccess URL text box.
  • Enter the batch id for the 'ValuAccess' in the Batch Id text box.
  • To configure the currencies to be processed while using the payment gateway, select the relevant checkboxes of the Currencies Processed section.
    • Note: Consult the payment gateway service provider for multi-currency configuration.
  • To enable the auto-refund option while processing the refunds, select the Enable Amount Auto Refund checkbox.
    • Note: If the 'Enable Amount Auto Refund' is selected,
      • i) the Auto Refunds tab will be displayed in the Returns > Refunds page. Please refer: Auto Refunds in Refunds
      • ii) the Auto Refund checkbox will be displayed in the Order Returns page. Please refer: Processing the Refund: in RTO Logistic Returns or Customer Return
  • Note: The 'auto refund' functionality works as follows:

    • Auto refund works for all refunds - order cancellation, item cancellation, and return request.

    • Generates a new ValuAccess card with refund amount.

    • If forward payment transaction is done through one or more ValuAccess cards, and a full/partial refund is initiated against that transaction amount, a new ValuAccess card has to be generated

    • When a new ValuAccess card is generatedan email/SMS to be triggered to the customer's shipping and billing email/mobile number
  • Select a location for which the payment gateway is applicable from the Location drop-down.
  • Enter the name of the tab for the 'ValuAccess payment gateway' in the Tab Name text box. The same name will be displayed in the Step-4 of single page checkout page against ValuAccess.
  • To save the configuration, click Save. You will be displayed a success message.

 Checkout Options

  • You can also edit the payment gateway through the Edit link of the payment gateway.
  • You can associate products with this PG. By default, all products are associated with this 'payment gateway'.

 Checkout Options

  • To change the product association, click Edit link of the payment gateway in the Selected Checkout Options section as shown in the figure. You will be navigated to the Checkout Options > VALUACCESS Payment Gateway Configuration page.

 Checkout Options

  • Click the  Checkout Options icon of the required payment option under the Actions column in the ValuAccess Account Configuration section.
  • Click SKU Association. You will be displayed a Manage Products button.

 Checkout Options

  • Click Manage Products. You will be displayed a Select Product(s) for Mapping dialog box.

 Checkout Options

  • Search the products through the multiple searching options such as the Title/Category/Brand/Product Tag/Seller/Availability in Exchange/Location/Product Status/Price Range and through SKU. This will list out the products as per search criteria.
    Select the required products that are displayed as per default search criteria.
  • Select the checkboxes of the required product(s) for mapping the 'payment gateway' and click Add. The selected products will be listed in the Checkout Options > ValuAccess Payment Gateway Configuration page as shown in the figure.

 Checkout Options

  • Repeat the same for selecting all the other required products. The selected product(s) will be associated with this 'payment gateway'.
  • You can add more products or delete unwanted products. To delete some products, select the respective checkboxes of the products and click Delete.
  • You can also add more products through the Manage Products button.
  • After the proper configuration, the ValuAccess payment option can be displayed as shown below in the Step-4 of the 'single page checkout page'.

 Checkout Options

  • To know the balance, the user can click the check balance button. The user balance will be displayed as mentioned below:

 Checkout Options

  • User can vary the amount to be redeemed from the gift card (if required) and click CONFIRM button. The user will be displayed the PAY NOW button.

 Checkout Options

  • User can view the amount redeemed from the gift card, the remaining amount to be paid (if any) to honor the order, and proceed the payment process.

Learn More:

1. You can also integrate the ValuAccess PG through the Checkout Options > Online Checkout Options tab of the Settings module.

2. This payment gateway is available for all the products of your store, but to apply this payment gateway to any product (i.e. to make it visible at your storefront while checkout through Online Payment), you need to select the 'Credit Card' checkbox in the Payment Information section of the Add/Edit Product Page of that product.

3. Deleting the Payment Gateway:

To delete this payment gateway, click the Edit link of the payment gateway in the Checkout Options > Online Checkout Options page, and click all the  Checkout Options icons of the configured payment options.

Note: You can only delete this 'payment gateway,' when at least one payment gateway' that provides the 'Credit Card' checkout is left in your store if the 'Credit Card' checkout is associated to any single product.

If it is the last PG that provides the 'Credit Card' checkout, first dissociate the 'Credit Card' checkout from all the products of your store and then delete this PG.

You can use the Bulk Product Download and Bulk Product Upload features for easily finding the Credit Card checkout association and removing the same.

4. To edit any required payment option, click the Edit link of the payment gateway in the Checkout Options > Online Checkout Options page, click the  Checkout Options icon of that payment option to be edited and modify as required.