• Creation of the ‘user profile’ is very much important for finding out customer patterns.

  • Properly routing the customer after finishing the survey is one of the most vital tasks.

  • While it is also very much important to properly guide the customer to the unfinished part of the survey if the customer is not completed the survey.

  • Login Settings allows you to define and display a specific page after login. If the user has completed Profile (questionnaire) then you can display a specific page (Example: Personalized Showcase page), else you can display another page (Example: Questionnaire page).

How do I define the pages to be displayed after a completed or incomplete profile?

To define the pages to be displayed after a completed or incomplete profile, do the following:

  • Log in to the 'MartJack Control Panel' by using your User Name (Email Address) and Password.


  • You will be navigated to the 'Dashboard' page.


  • Click the  Personalization icon. The Apps section will be displayed as shown in the figure.


  • Click Personalization, and select Login settings. You will be navigated to the Personalization > Login settings page.
    • Note: Prerequisite:
      • You can view the Personalization tab under the Apps module only when you have installed 'Personalization' app to your store and your request for the same would have been approved by our Admin.
        Please refer: App Store


  • To allow the system to check for profile completeness after each login, select the checkbox stating 'Check for profile Completeness'.
  • To display a page if the user profile is incomplete, select the 'Redirect to Page if Profile is incomplete' radio button and select the suitable page from the drop-down.
    • Note: Prerequisite: You should create a 'Custom page' and configure Survey 'Drag & Drop' control to show your questionnaire.
      Please Refer: Survey
  • Otherwise you can also show a message if the profile is not completed. To do so, select Show message with radio button and enter the same in the provided text box.
    • Note: This is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and whatever the style you enter here, the same will be displayed in the storefront.
      Please refer: Multipurpose Box for the functionality of WYSIWYG editor.
  • To display a Personalized Product Showcase if the User Profile is completed (i.e. User has finished Survey), select the respective page from the Redirect to Personalized Showcase page drop-down.
  • Note: Prerequisite:
    • You should create a 'Custom page' and you need to drag and drop those many 'Product Showcases' equal to the number of 'Recommendation Groups' that you have created and configure each Showcase with a specific 'Recommendation Group'.
      Please Refer: Product Showcase
    • Then if your user has selected an option (Answer) for the question(s) of a 'Recommendation Group', the products mapped to that option will be displayed in that Showcase, else (i.e. if no option selected), the showcase itself will not be displayed.
  • To display a Success message after completing the Survey and proper redirection from there, select a page from the Redirect to 'Success Message' after completion of Survey drop-down.
    • Note: Prerequisite:
      • You should create a 'Custom page' and configure Image Column control or any other suitable 'Drag & Drop' control to display a success message and a link to route the user to the 'Personalized Showcase'.
        Please Refer: Image Column
  • If you don't want to display 'Personalized Showcase' or 'Success Message' after 'Profile' completion and route the user to the previous page from where the user has navigated to Survey i.e. login page or registration page, select the radio button stating Redirect to referral page.
  • To save the Login Settings, click Save.