Product Showcase

Basic: In the 'Product Showcase' dialog box, by default Basic tab (section) will be opened under Configuration tab.

  • To give a title to this Product Showcase, enter the name in the Title text box. The name of the Product Showcase will be displayed as the title of the Showcase in the 'Control Panel' as well as 'Storefront'.
  • Select the suitable heading tag from H1 to H6 from the respective drop-down.
    • Note: Heading Tags are attached to the title for better SEO rankings. The importance decrease from <H1> to <H6>. Please make sure your heading structure is SEO-friendly while allotting these tags.
  • To display normal showcase, select the type of showcase as Basic Showcase from the Showcase Type drop-down.
  • Note:
    • Showcase Extended: To display the 'Deal Details' page, it should be selected as Showcase Extended to meet the requirements of Deal
    • Showcase with Attributes: To display specific 'Attribute Values' in a Showcase, select Showcase with Attributes option from the Showcase Type drop-down.
      • Prerequisite: You need to insert the respective Tags in the Showcase Template to display the required 'Attribute
    • With Product Ratings: To display the product ratings in product showcase, select With Product Ratings from the Showcase Type drop-down.
      • Note: To display the product ratings in a product showcase, additionally you need to insert respective Tag in the respective Product Showcase template (say, _Default_Showcase_Horizontal template.)
      • Example Tag:



 Product Showcase

  • Razor: To use the 'Showcase_Razor' template i.e. _Default_Showcase_Razor template, which can be customizable according to your requirement, select Razor from the Showcase Type drop-down.
    • When you select 'Razor' from the Showcase Type drop-down, in Design section, _Default_Showcase_Razor template will be automatically selected from the Grid View Template drop-down.
      • If you have selected 'Razor' option from the Showcase Type drop-down, and later changed to another option, then you need to manually change the selection from the Grid View Template drop-down accordingly.

 Product Showcase

  • The selection of 'Razor' from the Showcase Type drop-down is mandatory for working of Tab and Accordion Views of Refine Search Control.
  • Please Refer:Refine Search
  • To configure image height, enter the suitable value in the Image Height text box.
  • To configure image width, enter the suitable value in the Image width text box.
  • Enter the reference code (if any) in the Reference Code text box.