What are the attributes and how do I define the attributes for the custom categories?


  • Attributes are the specifications of a product such as Pixels of CameraStand-by time of BatteryTouch screen feature of phone, etc…

  • You can define the attributes at the category level, and assign the attribute values for those Attributes at product level.

  • You also can define the 'Predefined Attribute Values' from here and select respective values at 'Product level.'

To define the attributes for the custom categories, do the following:

  • Log in to the 'Anywhere Commerce Control Panel' by using your User Name (Email Address) and Password.

 Category Management

  • You will be navigated to the Dashboard page.

 Category Management

  • Click the  Category Management icon. The Dashboard & Setup section will be displayed as shown in the figure.

 Category Management

  • Click Category Management. You will be navigated to the Manage Product Categories page.

 Category Management

  • To view or manage the attributes, click the  Category Management icon of that category under the Actions column. The following section will be displayed.

 Category Management

  • The available attributes (if any) are displayed in a grid. You can add new attributes or edit existing attributes here.
  • Enter the name of the attribute in the Name text box (for example, Video Recorder, Resolution in case of a mobile phone).
  • Enter the unique reference code (if required) of the attribute in the Ref Code text box.
  • Enter the group name of the attribute in the Group text box (for example, in the case of a mobile category, the group name can be Camera Features which includes the attribute names in it).
  • Enter the 'order of appearance' of these attributes in the Rank text box.
  • Note: The attributes will be displayed according to the ranking in the 'Product Details' page under the 'Specifications' tab and in the 'Refine Search' 'Drag & Drop Control'.

  • Only the attributes having 'Predefined Values' will be displayed through the Refine Search 'Drag & Drop' Control; whereas all the attributes with both the 'Custom & Predefined' values will be displayed in the 'Product Details' page under the 'Specifications' tab.
  • To hide or deactivate the attribute in the storefront (both in the 'Product Details' page and in the 'Refine Search' control), select the Hide checkbox.
  • Enter the description of the attribute in the Description text box.
  • Select the type of Attribute Value from the Type drop-down i.e. String or Numeric.
    • Note: String field accepts both numeric and alphabetic attribute values, whereas, the Numeric field accepts only numeric values.
  • Enter a value in the Number of Columns, for example, if the number of columns is 2, it means the attributes will be displayed in the 2 columns.
  • To save, click Save to Grid. The attribute will be saved to the grid and you will be displayed a success message through a dialog box.

 Category Management

  • Click OK, the dialog box will be closed and you can view your newly added custom attribute in the table as shown in the figure.

 Category Management

  • Similarly, add as many attributes as you want.
  • After adding the required attributes to Grid, click Save to save the attributes to the respective category. The attributes will be saved to the respective category and you will be displayed a relevant success message through a dialog box.

 Category Management

  • Click OK. The dialog box will be closed.

Attribute Values:

  • The attribute values are the values of the attributes.
    For example, if the Pixels of Camera is an attribute, the 2 Mega Pixel (M.P.), 3 M.P., etc… are the attribute values.
  • The attribute values can be added at the product level. You can also add the predefined attribute values and select respective values at 'Product level'.

Do It Yourself:


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Learn More:

1. The 'attributes' with 'attribute Values' will be displayed in the 'Product Details' page under the 'Features' tab.

 Attribute Management

2. You can associate multiple attribute values for a single product. For Example: The 'Safety Features', 'Net Work', 'Format Support', etc…

3. There is no much difference in the 'Variants' and 'Attributes', so when you want to maintain separate inventory and/or unique prices, then create 'Variants' so that you can create 'Product Variants'.

4. You can also define attributes for the custom categories through the Products module.
Please Refer: Define Attributes for Custom Categories