What was the current platform limitation?

The user experience of adding a product to the wishlist had many gaps. Incorrect variants were added, the product could not be removed and there was no UI feedback when the product was added from the PDP. Further, the UI restriction of forcing the users to select a list while adding a product made the process very tedious.

Enhancements released in this sprint

The entire wishlist code is revised from the consumer journey perspective.

  1. The user can add or remove products from the wishlist in the PLP and PDP.
  2. The correct variant will be added to the wishlist and subsequently from the wishlist to the cart.
  3. The template allows flexibility to show/not show wishlists while adding a product.

The code revision has enabled a massive improvement in performance. The page load time for customers with up to 70 wishlist products has reduced by more than 75%. A sample of the required Customer journey wishlist. This Template is implemented in BIBA live website.

Future enhancements

Notifications to customers for wishlist products will be available in the upcoming sprint. Merchants can send out-of-stock notifications when the inventory hits a certain level or notify users when the product is back in stock.

Custom Field support in URLs
Information on custom fields is available in the product URLs.

Why was this needed?

Currently, any product customization like monogramming for Tumi was lost when the user navigates out of the page. Further, there was no way of editing the custom field after the product is added to the cart. 

Impact of the implementation

The flexibility of custom fields in URLs enables the users to view or edit the customization after navigating out of the product page. The customization can be edited or removed in the cart as well.

Reference: To know more about the wishlist new template, see the Customer journey wishlist attachment.


Template issues on cart and checkout

What was the existing issue?

Currently, custom JS for page refresh has to be written in cart/checkout to update the SF information on user interaction. Ex. the order amount would not update on changing product quantity.

Impact of the fix and Action Items for the delivery team

Custom scripts such as "windows.location.reload" or "location.reload" in the cart and checkout page are no longer needed. These should be removed ASAP.


Internet Explorer 11 support

SF had multiple issues in the IE browser. ACP- 47973 collates the issues. The platform fix for IE 11 has been released.

To know more, click here.