• The versions allow you to display different personalized showcases for your customers every month or as and when required.

  • It permits you to display the seasonal or festive offers in addition to the association of the products automatically as per customer patterns to promote those products.

  • It also enables you to display the new products and featured products as and when your catalog is updated .

  • For Example:
    • If the customer has answered the questionnaire and the result is stored in the current version.
    • When you add or modify the products by not changing the version, the previously existing customer will not be able to view the new or updated products.
    • So, create new version after adding or updating products, so that the old and new/updated products will be fetched for the previous customers.
    • If you want to display some featured or special products on some occasions like festival season, create new version after adding those products. The previous customers, if logged in now can view old and new products. After expiry of the season/festival period, whenever you want to display only previous products (i.e. without the seasonal or festival products), then switch to the previous version.

How do I create a new version and apply it for the personalization of user's showcase?

To create a new version and apply it for the personalization of user's showcase, do the following:

  • Log in to the 'MartJack Control Panel' by using your User Name (Email Address) and Password.


  • You will be navigated to the 'Dashboard' page.


  • Click the  Personalization icon. The Apps section will be displayed as shown in the figure.


  • Click Personalization, and select Manage Versions. You will be navigated to the Personalization > Add/Edit Versions page.
    • Note: Prerequisite:
      • You can view the Personalization tab under the Apps module only when you have installed 'Personalization' app to your store and your request for the same would have been approved by our Admin.
        Please refer: App Store


  • Verify the previously created versions (if any) are listed here.
  • To add a new Version, enter the name of the Version in the Version Name text box of the Add New Version section and click Add Version. The new Version will be added to your store and you will be displayed a relevant success message.


  • To apply a version, select the required version from the Select Current Version drop-down and click Save. The respective version will be saved and put into to use immediately.

Learn More:

1. Note: You can Edit or Delete Version, through ' Personalization' or ' Personalization' icons of that Version respectively in the Personalization > Add/Edit Versions page.