• Time is always precious and now-a-days its value has been further than anything else for an individual. It has been also observed that, customers do not prefer to wait for receiving a booked parcel at delivery address as they do not know when the parcel will be delivered.

  • Hence, it will be more beneficial to the customers, if they can opt for a definite delivery time for receiving the parcel. Thereby, the concept of ‘Deliver Slots’ has been arrived in eCommerce.

  • Delivery slots are the different time slots at which you are offering deliveries to your customers. Customers can choose an ideal slot as per their availability at their delivery addresses.

  • This interface allows you to create and manage delivery slots very easily.


  • You can also create location wise delivery slots, so that end-user user can view only the specific delivery slots assigned for the selected location.
  • In case you have only one store, you can create delivery slots for only that store.
  • You can modify the status of any individual slot by just clicking on its status or you can change the status of selected multiple slots by clicking ‘Change Status’ button.

  • Through exception facility you can exempt required time slots on a particular day or you can exempt all slots on any day to avoid delivery on National Holidays, festivals, and so on.

  • Lead time gives you the facility to define the minimum prior booking time required for any slot.

  • What are the benefits of location based delivery slots?
    • Friendly and flexible configuration
    • Facilitates you to provide order delivery in late/early hours based on buyer location.
    • Can have all the orders in more organized manner
    • One of the better ways to effectively increase your customer service

Brief procedure:

Install ‘Delivery Slots’ App in your MartJack Control Panel

Once your request is accepted by our Admin, you can find ‘Delivery Slots’ tab under ‘Apps’ module.

Create the delivery slots as per the feasibility of delivery after consulting with your shipping service provider

Insert the following tag - i.e.  Delivery Slots in ‘_Default_SPCheckout_step3’ (please contact in case of any assistance) and now the defined delivery slots will be displayed to user in ‘Step-3 of Single Page Checkout’ process.

To get access to overview of the 'Delivery Slots' app, do the following:

  • Log in to 'MartJack Control Panel' by using your User Name (Email Address) and Password.

 Delivery Slots

  • You will be routed to 'Dashboard' page. Click Apps module.

 Delivery Slots

  • Click or mouse over Delivery Slots tab and select Overview tab. This will guide you to Delivery Slots section in Install Apps page.
    • Note: Prerequisite:
      • You can view Delivery Slots tab under Apps module only when you have installed 'Delivery Slots' app to your store and your request for the same have been approved from our Admin.
        Please refer: App Store

 Delivery Slots

Learn More:

1. To create, edit, or delete delivery slots, please refer: Create Slots
2. To create, modify or delete delivery exceptions, please refer: Create Slots