What are Flash Sales?

  • Flash sales are the latest business trends in e-tail marketing enabling you to display time-limited offers with huge discounts.

  • Flash sales are the best means of building ‘Brand loyalty’ and liquidating surplus or ‘out-of-season’ stocks within a short span of time while keeping you still at profits.

  • Customers might be rushing to buy the products offered through 'Flash Sale' as the time to avail the same is running out and the offers are lucrative.

To get access to overview of the 'Flash Sale Events' apps, do the following:

  • Log in to 'MartJack Control Panel' by using your User Name (Email Address) and Password.

 Flash Sale Events

  • You will be routed to 'Dashboard' page. Click Apps module.

 Flash Sale Events

  • Click or mouse over Flash Sale Events tab and select Overview tab. This will guide you to Flash Sale Events > Flash Sale Events page.
    • Note: Prerequisite:
      • You can view Flash Sale Events tab under Apps module only when you have installed 'Flash Sale Events' app to your store and your request for the same would have been approved from the MartJack:
        Please refer: App Store

 Flash Sale Events

  • You can also find the brief procedure of using 'Flash Sale Events' app explained through screenshots at the bottom of the page.