• Point Adjustment feature facilitates you to topup (add) the reward points or to reduce reward points of the selected registered users as and when required.

  • This feature can be used to deduct the points in case of some system errors due to which the points were not deducted. You can also use this feature to topup points when the points were deducted in a failed transaction or to encourage your privileged customers by giving ‘some extra points' than normal customers on different events.

How do I topup or reduce the reward points of the selected end-users?


How do I adjust the reward points of selected end-users?

To topup or reduce the reward points, do the following:

  • Log in to 'MartJack Control Panel' by using your User Name (Email Address) and Password.

 Reward Points

  • You will be routed to 'Dashboard' page. Click Apps module.

 Reward Points

  • Click or mouse over Reward Points tab and select Point Adjustment tab. You will be routed to Reward Points > Point Adjustment page.
    • Note: Prerequisite:
      • You can view Reward Points tab under Apps module only when you have installed 'Reward Points' app to your store and your request for the same would have been approved from the MartJack:
        Please refer: App Store

 Reward Points

  • First select the customers to whom you want to adjust reward points. To do the same click, Select Users link. This will open Select User dialog box, where you can search and select the registered users.

 Reward Points

  • Verify Multiple Search options section, and Available Registered Users section in Select User dialog box.
  • To select required registered user(s), select the respective checkboxes of them under Available Registered Users section and click Add Selected.
  • Else, you can search the required users as per required search criteria and then select the required list. To do so, select the required search options, click Search User button and click select the respective checkboxes of the users from the search result and click Add Selected.
  • The dialog box will be closed and name(s) of the selected user(s) will be updated under Configure the Points Transaction section.

 Reward Points

  • To topup the reward points from the selected users' account, select the option Topup Points from Adjustment Type dropdown.
    • Note: To reduce the reward points from the selected users' account, select the option Consume/Reduce Points from Adjustment Type dropdown.
  • In case of topping up the points, select the event for which you want to add the Reward Points from Select Event dropdown.
  • Note:

    • The event 'CreditNote' can be used when you are crediting the reward points in lieu of amount spent on the orders which are 'Cancelled/Returned' if you don't want to refund the amount in cash.

    • The event 'Recharge' can be used when you are crediting the reward points when you are selling directly the reward points at your store.
      Example, you may sell '1000 Reward Points' for 'Rs. 500' just like a product.

    • In case of reducing the points, the Adjustment Type dropdown will not be displayed.

  • Enter the respective number of points to be added or reduced against the selected users in Points' textbox.
  • Enter the brief description (if any) for better understanding in 'Description' textbox. This description also will be displayed to the respective users under Wallet section of My Account section.
  • You can also delete the selected users (if required) through ' Reward Points' button of that user.
  • To add or reduce the reward points as per your configuration, click 'Save'.
  • You will be displayed a relevant success message.

 Reward Points

  • Let's see how the Wallet section (in web Store) of the respective user will be displayed:

 Reward Points