• Reward Points allow you to promote customer loyalty and increase sales by rewarding customers with redeemable points for their purchases and for some specific actions at your store such as registration, inviting others to register, submitting product reviews, etc….

  • The 'Cash Value of Reward Points, also called 'Wallet' is a 'Payment Option' which will be activated through 'Burn Points Configuration'.
    Please Refer: How do I display 'Wallet' Payment Option in checkout page? Burn Mechanism

  • You can configure the Earn Mechanism (i.e. 'Earn points' settings), Burn Mechanism (i.e. 'Burn points' settings), and 'Point Adjustments' from here. You can also generate 'Reward Reports' from here.

To get access to overview of the Reward Points apps, do the following:

  • Log in to 'MartJack Control Panel' by using your User Name (Email Address) and Password.

 Reward Points

  • You will be routed to 'Dashboard' page. Click Apps module.

 Reward Points

  • Click or mouse over Reward Points tab and select Overview tab. You will be routed to Reward Points section in Install Apps page.
    • Note: Prerequisite:
      • You can view Reward Points tab under Apps module only when you have installed 'Reward Points' app to your store and your request for the same would have been approved from the MartJack:
        Please refer: App Store

 Reward Points

  • You can also find the brief procedure of using 'Reward Points' app explained through screenshots at the bottom of the page.