• eBay app allows you to integrate your MartJack product data to eBay site and you can just upload once and see your products being purchased on your website and also on eBay site.

  • This simple & easy to use app takes all your products and lists on eBay. This app facilitates quick and simple listings creation as well as management of product listings.

  • Among features: automated synchronization of stock levels, pricing, orders and many other tasks would significantly reduce time required for listings maintenance.

  • Features:
Auto-Sync of product stock:
  • Auto-updates the stock levels according to the purchases done on eBay to avoid overselling problems.

Auto-Sync of product stock:
  • Auto-updates the product prices according to the modifications done in MartJack’s Control Panel to avoid confusion.

Auto-Consolidate orders:
  • Consolidation of orders from web store, eBay, Mobile site, etc. channels in common place.

Bulk listing creation tool:
  • Submit hundreds of products for listing on eBay in one go.