• The Instore Notifications interface facilitates in displaying a customized notification popup on the desired pages of your web store.

  • You can define the rules for these notifications as per your merchandising requirements by using multiple factors that are provided for the same.

  • You can create multiple notifications to display on any desired page and you can change the sequence of notifications as per your requirement so that you can define which notification should be displayed first and which next.
  • There are multiple usages of these notifications such as displaying special offers, coupon codes, Register and get… kind of offers, etc… but there is no limit for your creativity. You can view, create, edit or delete the notifications easily from this page.

  • Note: You can map required Custom page (i.e. Custom Content Page), which is to be displayed as notification popup while creating a notification through this interface.
  • You can also create a Popup Content Page through the drag & drop controls and map/overwrite a notification.
    Please Refer: Create Popup Content Page

Let's learn how to do the following configurations through the 'Instore Notifications' interface

Do It Yourself:


  1. How do I display the notifications or customized popups on any desired page of my web store?
    Pl refer: Instore Notification
  2. How do I display an order feedback form in the storefront to get the feedback on the recently delivered order?
    Pl refer: Order Feedback Form