• The Document Management interface allows uploading the downloadable documents such as the brochures, policies, user manuals, etc… in the .pdf, .txt, .ppt, and .doc file formats in the Document Repository and display them in the storefront through the Document Control (i.e. Drag and Drop Control).

  • The end users can download the required documents from the storefront.

Let's learn how to perform the following tasks through the 'Document Management' interface:

Do It Yourself:


  1. How do I create a folder in the document repository and upload documents to that folder?
    Pl refer: Create folder in Repository and Upload Documents
  2. How do I move the documents from one folder to another folder in the document repository?
    Pl refer: Move Documents between Repository folders
  3. How do I delete the documents from a folder in the document repository?
    Pl refer: Delete Documents from Repository folder