• The Post Management module facilitates to post the blogs, articles related to your catalog products or any general posts as per the requirement. These posts can enhance the product knowledge of your end-users and improve their connectivity with you.

  • You can allow the end-user to post the comments, to give ratings on the post, to share this post to others and to show likes on this post through the Additional Settings section.


  1. You need to create a Section Page first.
    Pl refer: Create Section Page
  2. Then create the post.

Let's learn how to perform the following tasks in the 'Post Management' module:

Do It Yourself:


  1. How do I create the posts?
    How do I create blogs, articles, posts, etc…?
    Pl refer: Create Post
  2. How do I edit an existing post?
    Pl refer: Edit Post
  3. How do I delete an existing post(s)?
    Pl refer: Delete Post
  4. How do I configure the post detail's URL to enable the 'Read More' link of the Post List?
    Pl refer: Configure url of Post Detail
  5. How do I activate or deactivate a post?
    Pl refer: Activate or Deactivate Posts