• The email marketing is a powerful direct marketing tool, which can be used to build your customer relationships.

  • The mailing list feature enables you to create mailing lists and manage the subscriber database in the back-end.

  • You can create different 'mailing lists' to cater the different requirements (Example: Diwali Offers, New Year Offers, New Launches, High Discount Limited Period Offers, etc…) and display them on any page of your Storefront through the 'Mailing List' 'Drag & Drop' control.

  • You can send the relevant emails to the subscribed users and thereby increase your sales, and loyalty.

  • You can use this feature to send the newsletters and e-mail promotions to the subscribers with an ease.

  • You can keep posted about all the new products and offers you launch in your store. You can create email campaigns to promote your goods and increase sales. You can also send bulk emails to gather data or feedback from customers.

Let's learn how to create, edit and delete the 'Mailing Lists':

Do It Yourself:

Learn More:

1. You can install the 'ChimpJack' App and migrate your mailing lists to the MailChimp's mailing lists for easing your email promotion campaigns.

2. Please refer:
Add users to a Mailing List when subscribed to promotional mails through Registration page or Checkout Process
to know about how to add the email addresses of users to a specific ‘mailing list’ upon the subscription by the users for promotional emails through the ‘Registration page’ or during the ‘Checkout process’ (i.e. Step-2 of 'single page checkout page)