• Promotions are the proven marketing strategies used to convert the business into profits by delivering meaningful promotions.

  • Running promotions across the websites and retail locations is not a trivial task. It requires intelligent technology to combine key promotional tactics and deliver a seamless experience across the multiple promotions.

  • However, Martjack facilitates you to schedule, launch, and track the success of your eCommerce promotions even without the knowledge of programming.

  • Promotion Management enables you to keep a track of all the promotions in your store and also introduce new promotions.

  • You can add new promotions, edit the features of an existing promotion and even delete a promotion from your Webstore using the Manage Promotions tab.

  • You can also update the sequence number, which defines the order of applicability of the promotion and also increase the duration of the promotional offer.

  • Note:
  • Earlier the 'Store Location' option was under Conditions tab. But, now it is brought under Rule Information Tab.

  • If you map the promotion to certain store locations, the promotion is applicable to only those locations.

  • If you apply a promotion to a 'Parent Location', the promotion will be applied to all its Child Locations if there are no exclusive promotions configured to those 'Child Locations'. That means, if any promotion is configured to a child location, the promotion will be applied to that child location and for the rest of the child locations (which are under the parent location), the promotion of their parent location will be applied.

Advantages of Promotion Management:

  • Helps you keep a track of the promotions in your store.
  • Provides a centralized system for planning, executing and analyzing the promotions in the store.
  • Allows you to plan and analyze at multiple levels of the customer or product hierarchy.
  • Enables you to manage your business the way you want and take critical decisions.
  • Enables you to choose the products you can attach to promotions.
  • Stimulates quick increase in sales by attaching promotional incentives on particular products.
  • Providing promotions is an easy and economical way of reaching many customers.
  • Enables you to cater the needs of your elite customers/focus groups.
  • Helps in enhancing customer relationship.

Types of Promotions:
There are two types of promotions available in MartJack:

  • 1. Catalog Promotion
  • 2. Cart Promotion

1. 'Catalog Promotion':

It is the promotion that can be applied to all or selected Products of your store based on the opted product parameters such as Categories, Brands, Product Groups, SKU, Product Tag, Price or Price Range, Weight, Attribute, Variant, etc… combined with the required User groups or Store Locations

Catalog Promotions are created by choosing one or more rule elements which can include:
Rule Information - defines Promotion sequence, periodicity, the applicable store locations for promotion, etc…;
Conditions - defines the promotion is applied to which products, who are eligible
Actions - defines what the shopper receives; and
Capping Conditions - how to limit the promotional benefits based on defined parameters.

Note:When Catalog promotion is applied, the web prices of the respective products will be directly visible in the applicable discounted rates in the showcase itself for the applicable end-users i.e. for whom the promotion has been applied to (i.e. to all/specific user groups).
For others (i.e. those who the promotions have not been applied), normal prices (i.e. without any discounts) will be displayed in a showcase.

  • Example: These Catalog promotions can be applied like: 'all users' or 'users of respective user group(s)' should get 'X%' (or Rs. X amount) discount on 'LG' Brand (or you can choose any Category or Group or Product SKU, etc… conditions) Product.
    Note: In this case, if the 'LG' Brand is in any Category/Product group, the discount will be applied to it.

  • However, you can cap the benefits of promotion (if required) by defining required capping conditions.
    Example: You can limit the promotional benefits by defining a maximum number of orders having any of the promotional products that can be placed by a user during specific date range within the promotion running period.
    So, after the maximum number of orders during specific date range within the promotion running period, normal prices will be applied to the promotional products.

2. 'Cart Promotion':

  • It is a promotion based on the cart value or items in the customers' shopping cart. The rules applied in this kind of promotion are more complex as it requires awareness of the combinations of items in a customer's cart. This promotion shows at the time of checkout.

    Please Refer: Cart Promotions

Let's learn how to add and manage the catalog promotions at your web store.:

Do It Yourself:

Learn More:

1. All Promotions (i.e. either 'catalog promotions' or 'cart promotions') are applied on the web price only.

For Example, if the MRP is Rs 5000, and the web price is Rs. 4000, and you are giving a 25% discount through a category/cart promotion, the final rate of the product will be Rs. 4000- 1000 = Rs. 3000

2. Be cautious while creating rules carefully. Once the promotion is saved, the discounted rates will be displayed in the storefront as per the applied promotion criteria, and users can avail discounts. It's always better to test the promotion to check whether it is working as per defined criteria or not. So, first create a 'user group' for yourself and apply the promotion only to that user group first and have a thorough test before allowing the promotion to all users.
Please Refer: Testing the Catalog Promotions