• A 'Discount Voucher' is a 'coupon' or 'voucher' containing specific 'code', which can be exchanged for a financial discount during checkout.

  • In other words, a discount voucher is a discount or gift you would like to offer to your customers, so that, they can have a great shopping experience and a perfect deal.

  • Your customers can avail discounts by using these vouchers at your web store during checkout.

Steps involved in 'Discount Vouchers':

  • 1. Create Discount Voucher Campaign:
    • To create a discount voucher, first you need to create a relevant 'Discount Voucher Campaign.'
    • There are two types of 'Discount Voucher Campaigns' that you can create.
      • Amount Based - Here you can mention the discount of a Flat Amount
      • Percentage Based - Here you specify a certain percentage discount of Web Price.

  • 2. Create 'Discount Vouchers' under Discount Voucher Campaign:
    • Then you need to create 'Discount Vouchers' (i.e. Voucher Codes) under this Campaign.
      • You may have different types of customers viz. 'Registered Users', 'Non-Registered Users' (Guest Users). You might have also created some 'User Groups' based on the customer patterns to apply certain exclusive promotions.
      • You should create exclusive 'Discount Vouchers' to your different types users such as 'Registered Users, Non-Registered Users, and User Groups'.

  • 3. Send the 'Discount Vouchers' to respective customers:
    • After creating 'Discount Vouchers', you need to mail them to the respective customers individually for availing the discounts.
      • The respective customers can use the discount vouchers in Display Cart page and in Step-3 of 'Single Page Checkout' page for availing discounts while checkout.

Types of Vouchers for giving Discounts:

  • There are two types of vouchers for applying discounts:
    • 'Discount Vouchers'
    • 'Gift Vouchers'
  • The following table depicts the differences between the 'Discount Vouchers' and 'Gift Vouchers'
Discount VouchersGift Vouchers
1. Can be created to apply both Percentage based (on Web Price) or Amount based (i.e. Flat Amount) discounts1. Created to apply exclusively Amount based (i.e. Flat Amount) discounts.
2. Can be used only once. The leftover discount amount (if any) after using the discount voucher can't be reused again.2. Can be used multiple times till the amount/validity expires
3. It can be used to avail discounts only.3. It is treated as a 'Payment option' (Payment Gateway) along with applicable discounts.
4. Can be applied to only those products that are associated to 'Discount Voucher Campaign'4. Applicable to all products of Catalog
5. Options for availing discounts will be displayed in Display Cart page and in Step-3 of 'Single Page Checkout' page by default.

5. Payment option Gift Voucher will be displayed in the Step-4 of 'Single Page Checkout' page if No. of Gift Vouchers per Order checkbox in Application Settings » Define Checkout settings page is selected and configured with a value equal or more than one. Please Refer: Checkout Settings

6. 'Voucher PIN' is not applicable in case of 'Discount Vouchers'6. You can enable PIN authentication for redeeming Gift Vouchers, which will be sent to the user along with voucher code. This 'Voucher PIN' will be used for validation purposes.

Let's learn how to do the following activities in the 'Discount Vouchers' module:

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