• Web store require many images for banner, header, products, promotional campaigns, etc…

  • File Manager is a ‘File Repository’, where you can upload and secure your different types of images such as Zoom/Deep Zoom/Thumbnail/Swatch/Large/Small/Custom/Source Images; different types of ‘Additional Content’ such as 'Videos' (YouTube, Vimeo, Scribd) / 'Documents' (Overview, Product Tour, Specifications, Menu, How it works, Terms and Conditions)/’View 360’ featured images; and your ‘CustomStyles.CSS’ file.

  • You can create/delete/rename folders and images as per your requirement from here.

  • You can also preview images/files here.

  • 'File Manager' also helps you to customise the 'Themes' by changing properties of relevant class through Stylesheet folder and 'CustomStyles.CSS’ file.

Let's Learn how to perform the following tasks in 'File Manager':

Do It Yourself:


  1. How do I upload 'Product images' to repository?
    Pl refer: Upload Product Images
  2. How do I preview Product Images?
    How do I rename Product Images?
    How do I delete Product Images?
    Pl refer: Preview, Rename, and Delete Product Images
  3. How do I create new folders in File Manager?
    How do I delete existing folders of File Manager?
    Pl refer: Create New Folder and Delete Existing Folders
  4. How do I upload 'User Images' like banners, headers, promotional images, etc… to the repository?
    Pl refer: Upload User Images
  5. How do I upload 'Additional Content' such as 'Documents', 'View 360' files to 'File Manager'?
    Pl refer: Upload Additional Content
  6. How do I customize the Themes?
    Pl refer: Customize Themes