What is the 'theme' of a web store?

  • Themes define the graphical appearance or look and feel of your Web store. Themes provide consistent look and feel as you move through different pages and sections of your Web store. You can choose a theme based on colors or branding requirement of your store/products.

  • You can change the 'Theme' of your web store through Design & Content module by using the Select Themes tab in the MartJack Control Panel. All the available Themes of MartJack are mentioned under Available Themes section and the currently applied Theme of your store is displayed under Your Current Theme.

How do I change the 'theme' of my web store?

To change the 'theme' of your web store, do the following:

  • Log in to the 'Anywhere Commerce Control Panel' by using your User Name (Email Address) and Password.

 Select Theme

  • You will be navigated to the 'Dashboard' page.

 Select Theme

  • Click the  Select Theme icon. The Design & Content section will be displayed as shown in the figure.

 Select Theme

  • Click Select Themes. You will be reached to the Select Theme page as shown in the figure.

 Select Theme

  • Verify the currently applied theme of your store in the Your Current Theme section.
  • You can also find the available themes of MartJack in the Available Themes section. If the number of themes is more, it's difficult to find out the required theme. So, you can search the required theme by entering its name/title in the Search text box and clicking  Select Theme icon.
  • To view a sample page created by a particular theme, mouse over on the image of that 'theme' or on the View link of it. The sample page will be displayed in a popup as shown in the figure.

 Select Theme

  • To apply a suitable theme to your web store, click 'Use Theme.'
  • You will be asked for a confirmation through a dialog box that is stating as “The ‘Custom CSS’ Styles (if defined) may not be suitable to the ‘New Theme’ and may mess up the outlook of your Storefront. Please check whether your ‘New Theme’ is working properly or not and modify the ‘CustomStyles.CSS’ file through the ‘File Manager’ or ‘Style Sheet Editor’ if required.”

 Select Theme

  • Click Continue, the dialog box will be closed and the new Theme will be applied to your Mobile/WAP Site.
  • You will be displayed a relevant Success message. You can also find the latest theme under the Your Current Theme section.

 Select Theme

  • To see how the new theme make changes of your web store, click View Live Store.

Learn More:

1. You can also customize the selected theme by editing the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) through:

i) by clicking the Style Sheet Editor link at the bottom of the Select Theme page or though the Design & Content » CSS Editor.
Please refer: CSS Editor

ii) by editing the CustomStyles.css file via Design & Content » File Manager » Style Sheet
Please refer: Stylesheet

3. by editing the CustomStyles.css file of the 'Stylesheet' folder in the 'File Manager' page.
Please refer: Style Sheet Editor