What are the call for actions?

  • The Call for actions are the lead generating mechanisms, which act as the interfaces between you and end-users. Properly configured 'Call for Actions' appear on the Product Details page and prompt the end-users to send the contact details to you for a needful information/action. You can manage Notifications and configure Auto-generated email templates from here.
  • You can define the strategic 'call for actions', and prompt the users to provide the contact details in an unobtrusive way through the Anywhere Commerce control panel. Few of the consumers will first request a demo or demand for more information about the product other than what is provided on the page.
  • The “Call for Action” links can provide an option for these consumers to place a request relevant the 'Call for Action' and as an outcome; you will get information about your prospective customers and you can convert the leads into successful sales.

What are the Benefits of Call for Actions?

By using this feature, you can:

  • Capture the leads through the call for actions by means of soft communication
  • Create a completely new 'Call for Action' from scratch through an XML based form editor
  • Use a wide range of data entry controls and HTML elements like text box, check/tick boxes, radio box and drop down lists
  • Map the form fields to lead database fields
  • Define mandatory fields and data validation rules through regular expression
  • Place a call for action link on the product details page just near to the “add to cart” button
  • Create a custom page to host the “call for action” with a set of products as a target for the lead
  • Customize the auto-generated email, which will be sent to the end-user after submitting the call for actions along with a copy to the merchant.

What are the tailor-made (built-in) 'call for actions' are available at the control panel?

The following tailor-made (built-in) call for actions are available at the control panel:

  • Get-a-Call
  • Reserve Product and visit Store
  • Price on Request
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Ask for Availability
  • Ask for Quote
  • Ask for Demo
  • Click to Call
  • Notify Me
  • Custom Call for Action (for creating your customized 'Call for Action')

How do I configure different 'Call for Actions' at my store?

To learn about the configuration of the different 'Call for Actions', click the respective 'Call for Action':

Learn More:

1. To display these 'Call for Actions' controls in the 'Product Details' page, you need to select:

(i) the 'Offline' checkbox in the 'Add New Product' page of that product
(ii) the 'Display on Product Details page' checkbox in the respective Call for Action page while 'Editing the Settings.'
(iii) The checkbox Add this Call for Action of the respective 'Call for Action' should be in selected condition.

2. You can also configure the Call for Actions through the Settings » Call for Actions module.

3. To deactivate a 'Call for Action,' clear the Add this Call for Action checkbox of the respective 'Call for Action' in the Call For Actions page and click Save.