What are the checkout options?

  • The Checkout Options are the various Payment options that you are providing to the end-users for making purchases at your store. Checkout is the final action i.e. payout by the customer for each purchase at your store.

  • Payment Gateway is a software program integrated to your website to transmit transaction data to the Credit Card/Net Banking/Cash Card/Mobile Payment acquirer for authorization and settlement. You can configure payment gateways to your store from here after a tie-up with the respective service provider.

  • When the user places the order, automated order confirmation emails can be sent to your customers, to you, and a copy of your mail to others as specified by you (Please refer: Email Templates).

  • There are two types of checkout options available, namely, Online Checkout Options and Offline Payment Options.
  • Note: The COD (Cash On Delivery) option is also an 'offline payment option', but it is treated as an 'online payment option' because after placing an order with COD, the order will be treated Authorized Order even though the payment is not received. Hence, the COD payment option is listed under the 'Online Checkout Options' module.

What are the different 'Offline Payment options' available and which are selected for my store?

  • You can navigate to the Dashboard & Setup > Checkout Options > Online Checkout Options module to view the various checkout options that are available at your store, and those are selected for your web store.

To view the various offline payment options available and the selected options of your web store, do the following:

  • Log in to the 'Anywhere Commerce Control Panel' by using your User Name (Email Address) and Password.

 Offline Payment Options

  • You will be navigated to the Dashboard page.

 Offline Payment Options

  • Click the  Offline Payment Options icon. The Dashboard & Setup section will be displayed as shown in the figure.

 Offline Payment Options

  • Click Checkout Options and select Offline Payment Options. You will be navigated to the Checkout Options > Offline Checkout Options page.

 Offline Payment Options

  • You can find out the available checkout options in the Offline Checkout options - Status section. The payment options with  Offline Payment Options tag (if any) are activated or selected for your store and the payment options with  Offline Payment Options tag (if any) are available for your store.

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1. You can also access the Offline Payment Options through Settings > Checkout Options > Offline Payment Options module and do all the activities that can be done here.
Please Refer: Offline Payment Options