• The price list enables to define the unique prices for your products as per the store locations or user groups or order quantity or specific date range or channel (Prerequisite: If you are connected to some channels through the 'SellerWorx') or the combination of any of these options

  • So, you can vary the product prices for any one of these parameters i.e. locations/user groups/order quantity/specific date range/channel or for the required combination of these parameters.

  • You can view and manage the price lists easily through this interface.

  • Search option helps you to filter the price lists as per available criteria. After creation of price list(s), you can map SKUs & prices to the required price list(s) or you can modify SKUs & prices of the previously created price lists.

  • Note: This feature might be available as per the type of account with us.

Brief Procedure:

Create stock locations.
Create price lists and associate SKUs and prices to this price list.
Enable price lists.
Install the 'Enable storefront for location awareness' App and display the targeted product information when the user selects the respective location in the storefront.

Let's see how to configure the following Store Settings:

Do It Yourself:


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  2. How do I activate or deactivate a price list?
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  3. How do I delete a price list?
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  4. How do I modify a price list?
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