• Tags are the ‘keywords’ or ‘labels’, which can be associated with the products and are used for classification & filtration of the products easily as per your merchandising requirement.

  • The products associated with a 'global tag' are available at all the locations.

  • Whereas, the products associated with a 'local tag' are available only at the mapped locations.

  • You can view/filter/edit/delete the existing tags and add new tags through the Manage Product Tags interface.

  • You can also download the details of the selected tags in an Excel format, map new products against the required tagsadd locations, and also update the unique rank by location wise to each product.

  • The product ranking defines the order of display of the products when the products are showcased by the product tags.
Global Tags: These tags are mapped to all products and are assigned to products through the Product List interface, and through the Bulk Product Upload interface (i.e. through ProductDefaultDataL4.xlsx or ProductCatalogXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.xlsx). Please Refer: Bulk Product Upload
  • By mapping these tags to the required products, you can display those products at all locations in storefront through product showcases

Local Tags (i.e. Location-based Product Tags):
  • These tags are mapped to the location-based products. These tags are assigned to the products through the Products > Masters > Product Tags interface (i.e. through the ProductTagRanks.xlsx).
    Please Refer: Upload Ranks.

  • These tags can be useful while showcasing specific location-based products as per the selected location in the storefront. For this, you need to map these tags to required products and configure the product showcases with required product tags.

  • For the same product, different tags can be assigned to different locations, so that when a user changes the location in the storefront, the respective location-based products will be displayed in the respective product showcases.

Let's look at the various tasks that you can perform in the 'Product Tags':

Do It Yourself:


  1. How do I define/add a new Product Tag to my store?
    Please refer: Define Product Tag
  2. How do I edit an existing Product Tag of my store?
    Please refer: Edit Product Tag
  3. How do I delete an existing Product Tag from my store?
    Please refer: Delete Product Tag
  4. How do I define or update the ranks of the products mapped to the required product tag(s)
    How do I make a global tag as a local tag?
    How do I assign locations to a product tag?
    Please refer: Upload Ranks

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1. How do I add or remove Product Tags from required products??
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