1. What is the use of 'Book Shipment' interface?

  • This interface is suitable for the merchants, who are using the picklists functionality. This interface facilitates you to book the shipments only for those products, whose status is updated as ‘Found’ through a picklist.

  • The shipments can be booked against an integrated logistics service provider or any custom provider.

  • This interface facilitates you to book the shipments for a single order one after the other.

  • Single Order: When you search an order for booking shipment, the products of that order, which are picked through a picklist will be displayed based on the assigned locations of the respective store operator/control panel user.
    • Note: For the ‘Admin’ users, all the products of that order which are picked through a picklist will be displayed.

  • Once the shipment is booked, the respective shipments will be moved to the 'Waiting for Pickup' orders list.

2. What is the workflow of booking the shipments while using the picklists?

The workflow of booking the shipments while using the picklists is as follows:

  1. Orders are placed by the end users.
  2. Order allocation service allocates the order to a store location/warehouse as per the applicable rules, and then the inventory of the ordered products will be reduced from that store location/warehouse.
  3. Authorized orders are received by respective warehouses.
  4. Picklists are created by the respective warehouses after receiving the orders.
  5. While creating the picklist, a warehouse employee will be assigned for each picklist and he/she is responsible for picking the respective items from the corresponding shelves.
  6. After picking the items, the respective warehouse employee should confirm the items that are picked.
  7. The status of the picking confirmed products will be changed as ‘Found’.
  8. When the respective order number is searched through ‘Book Shipment’ interface, the products that are confirmed as picked will be fetched in a grid. The merchant can select the required products to book the shipment.
  9. The merchant needs to select the logistic service provider and fill the other required information and click ‘Ship’. The respective order will be moved to the 'Waiting for Pickup' orders list.

3. How do I book the shipment for a single order that is processed through the picklists?

To book shipment for a single order that is processed through the picklists, do the following:

  • Note: You can book shipments for a single order or bulk orders through the Book Shipment page.
  • Log in to the 'Anywhere Commerce Control Panel' by using your User Name (Email Address) and Password.

 Book Shipment

  • You will be navigated to the Dashboard page.

 Book Shipment

  • Click the  Book Shipment icon. The Orders & Leads section will be displayed as shown in the figure.

 Book Shipment

  • Click Book Shipment and select Single Shipment. You will be navigated to the Book Shipment > Single Order page.

 Book Shipment

  • Enter a valid order number for which the picking confirmation has been done for some or all products through ‘picklists’ functionality, in the ‘Order No’ text box and click the  Book Shipment icon.
  • The products of that order that are confirmed as picked will be fetched in a grid as shown in the figure.

 Book Shipment

  • If you have logged in as an admin user, by default the All option will be selected at the Select Location drop-down and you can find the products of all the locations against the searched order. You can also select a specific location from the Select Location drop-down to book the shipment of only the products of that specific location against the searched order.
    • Note: If you are a location-based store operator (i.e. you have the permissions only for one location or specific locations), the Select Location drop-down will be inactive and hence you can search the products of your assigned location(s) against the searched order.
  • By default, a service provider of highest logistic priority as defined by you will be selected at the Service Provider drop-down. You can change the logistic service provider if required.
    • Please Refer: 1. How do I define the priority of the logistic services based on the 'Provider - Product - Country' combination? in Rules 'Provider - Product - Country' combination? in Rules
  • If you have selected an integrated logistic service provider at Service Provider drop-down, you need to select the respective type of shipment at the Shipment Type drop-down.
  • If you select the Custom’ option from the Service Provider drop-down, the Courier/Shippers Name and the Airway Bill/Docket No text boxes will be displayed.
    • Enter your custom logistics service provider's name in the Courier/Shippers Name text box.
    • Enter the airway bill/docket number for your custom logistics service provider in the Airway Bill/Docket No text box.
  • Select the date of the shipment to be picked, from the ‘Shipment Pickup Date’ ‘date picker’.
  • Dimensions: Enter the dimensions of the package in the respective text boxes, i.e. LengthWidthHeight, and Weight.
    • Note: For a 'custom' provider, the weight is mandatory and its value should be greater than '0'; however the Length, Width, and Height fields also need to be filled and their value can be '0'
    • For integrated logistics providers, it depends on the provider to provider.
  • Select the required product or all the products of the order to book the shipment.
  • Note: While booking shipments for a single order, you can select required or all the products of that order.
  • Custom Fields: If you have defined the shipment item custom attributes (Please refer: Shipment Item Custom Attributes), click the Add Custom Fields link against each required product to add the shipment item custom attributes.
    • You will be displayed a Add Custom Fields popup.

 Book Shipment

  • Enter the values against the respective shipment item custom attributes and click Save Values. The values will be saved, and the dialog box will be closed.
  • Click ‘Ship’. The shipment will be booked for the respective products. You will be displayed a relevant success message.

 Book Shipment

  • You can also view, download and print the dispatch and invoice reports by clicking the respective links of the success message.
  • You can find the shipment has moved to the ‘Waiting for Pickup’ orders list.