What is a Picklist?

  • A Picklist is a list of products that are to be picked from a warehouse/store for processing the authorized Orders of that warehouse/store.

  • A Picklist can be created by selecting all or partial products of required Orders.

  • Picklist should be generated by location (store/warehouse wise) wise and assigned to an authorized person (Example: Store Operator - Warehouse employee) to process the Picklist.

  • Picklist can also be created by 'Zone wise' against the selected location. This facility is convenient for picking the items where specific products are maintained by zone wise in each location.

  • You also have the option to create a picklist against any specific 'delivery slot' of a specific date.

  • You have the facility to create the picklist for the required marketplace channels.

  • Once the picklist is created, you can take a print of it and handover to the assigned person for picking the respective products.

What are the benefits of picklists?

  • Picklists facilitates the systematic process of item picking as per received Orders and thereby reduces the time for picking the items
  • The items can be picked easily and quickly, thereby ensures utmost accuracy in order fulfillment.
  • Creating accountability for Warehouse employees by assigning specific picklists, so that they know who should pick what items.
  • Can easily identify the not-found items of a picklist and transfer the orders of not-found products to other locations.

What is the workflow of picklists?

  1. Orders are placed by the end users.
  2. Order allocation service allocates the order to a store location/warehouse as per the defined rules, and then the stock is reduced from that store location/warehouse
  3. Authorized Orders are received by respective warehouses
  4. Picklists are created by the respective warehouses after receiving the orders.
  5. While creating the picklist, a warehouse employee will be assigned for each picklist and he/she is responsible for picking the respective items from the corresponding shelves
  6. After picking the items, the respective warehouse employee should confirm the items that are picked
  7. Then the Orders for the items that are not found can be transferred to another location

How do I create a picklist?

To create a picklist, do the following:

  • Log in to the 'Anywhere Commerce Control Panel' by using your User Name (Email Address) and Password.

 Create Picklist

  • You will be navigated to the Dashboard page.

 Create Picklist

  • Click the  Create Picklist icon. The Orders & Leads section will be displayed as shown in the figure.

 Create Picklist

  • Click Picklists and select Create Picklist. You will be navigated to the Picklists > Create Picklist page.
    • Note: You can also reach the Picklists > Create Picklist page by clicking the Create New Picklist button in the ‘Picklists > Manage Picklists’ page.

 Create Picklist

  • Select a store/warehouse location from the Select Location drop-down for which the picklist is being created.
  • By default, the previous and current days are selected at the From Date and To Date 'date pickers' respectively. So, when you do the search with default dates, the 'Authorized Orders' that are received at a selected location for which the picklists are not created will be displayed. However, you can alter these dates as per your requirement through the respective 'Date Pickers'.
  • Select the 'Zone' from the Select Zone drop-down (optional). When you select a 'Zone', then the search result would be the list of 'Authorized Orders' of the selected location that are received during the selected date range which are having the products in the selected 'Zone'. That means you can create 'Zone wise' picklists through this option.
  • Select the required date from the 'Date' 'date picker' of which you want to select the delivery slot.
  • Select the required delivery slot from the Delivery Slot drop-down for listing out the respective orders of that delivery slot on the selected date.
  • Select the required marketplace channel(s) from the Channel multi-select drop-down for listing out the respective orders of those channels.
    • Note: The 'Channel' drop-down will be displayed only when you have marketplace channels for your store.
  • Click Search. The respective orders will be listed under the grid as shown in the figure.

 Create Picklist

  • Select complete Orders or required products of Orders and click ‘Create’. The picklist will be created and you will be displayed a relevant success message.
    • Note: The ‘Picklist Code’ will be automatically assigned by the system.

 Create Picklist

  • The status of the picklist will be displayed as Created under the Details of Picklist section. You can print or download PDF file or download CSV file of the Picklist by clicking the  Create Picklist or  Create Picklist or  Create Picklist icons respectively.
  • The picklist can be printed and handed over to the Picker for Picking the respective items. The items will be listed as per the sequence of Zone and Shelf, facilitating easy picking.
    • For example, if the stock for the SKU XXXX in the Zone1 Shelf2 is 3 QtyZone1 Shelf5 is 5 Qty and in the Zone2 Shelf1 is 20 Qty. If the quantity to be picked (i.e. Picklist qty.) for the SKU XXXX is 10, the print of the picklist will display as the following:
      SKU XXXX Zone1 Shelf2 - 3 Qty,
      SKU XXXX Zone1 Shelf5 - 5 Qty and
      SKU XXXX Zone2 Shelf1 - 2 Qty.

    • Note: In the above example, even though the Zone2 Shelf1 is having more than the picklist qty, the first preference is given to the Zone1 Shelf2, followed by Zone1 Shelf2 and finally to the Zone2 Shelf1 as per the zone and shelf sequence numbers.