What's New:

Product Listing Page Modification

1. Product variants can now be shown separately in the PLP

The variant property based on which the products need to be shown can be selected from template settings.

Add the following script in the template:

image = product.Images.Where(i => i.VariantProductId == product.variantProductId).FirstOrDefault()if(image != null){    image = image.Resize(ShowCaseConfig.ImageHeight, ShowCaseConfig.ImageWidth).URL;}

2. Functionality to clear all filters in PLP

Clear All functionality is provided with a showcase razor template. It can be enabled from showcase razor template by adding the below Html in the template.

<a class="refinesearch_clearall" data-rel="tabviewclearall" style="/ display:none /">Clear All</a>

Cart Page 

1. Option to edit variant is now available

Users can edit the qty and variant of the product added in the cart through Edit cart button.

Cart Page template has to be updated for this feature. Refer the attached document Edit Variant from Cart Page for reference.

The feature is also available in Bukl.in for reference.


Promotion module enhancements

1. Voucher Feedback

The failure messages for coupon application failures are now meaningful.

Instead of “invalid coupon code”, specific error messaging like “Expired coupon code”, “Not available in your location” etc. can be shown. Refer the attached document Voucher feedback refactoring and CR detailing for UI Implementation details.

2. Promotional Coupons in PDP

Promotional coupons applicable to a product can be shown in the PDP. Refer the attached document  Configuring Promotion Suggestion on PDP for template modification. The feature is also available in Bukl.in for reference.

3. Show Promotional Breakup in Cart, Checkout and Order Detail Pages

The customer can now see the list of all promotions applied and the discount against each of the promotion. Refer the attached document  Show all promotions break upon Cart Page, Checkout Page, and My account order page for reference.

Wishlist Feature Fixes

  1. Correct product variant along with the correct image will be available in wishlist.
  2. Correct product variant will be added from wishlist to cart.

The Default wishlist template has been updated for this. Refer the attached document Wishlist changes for reference.

Bug Fixes:

Template Fixes

Dual Language support for Custom Pages

Language-specific link can be provided for the custom pages.